February 28, 2011

trivia of the moment

the "french buffet" at the orleans casino has "pasta," "mexican,"
"chinese," "mongolian," "seafood," and "BBQ" stations *only* (i.e. no

haiku of the moment

jane russell has died
her body to be lifted
soul separated

trivium of the moment

health club members use their facilities an average of 102 times a

source: international health, racquet and sportsclub association

{i really question that number ... i know *many* people who have
memberships and don't go for l-o-n-g stretches ... is the IHRSA

February 27, 2011

movie marathon haiku

19 folks started
the majority take breaks
six iron butts watch all

movie marathon haiku

darth vaders a duck
princess leia in tutu
"black swan" finale

February 26, 2011

movie marathon haiku

coens make "true grit"
jeff bridges is THE space cowboy
still my crazy heart

movie marathon haiku

11 film hours
how many people will watch?
answer: just 19

movie marathon haiku

wahlberg in skivvies
i'm sure i've seen this before
calvin klein "fighter"

crazed christian bale
i have seen this before too
machinist "fighter

movie marathon haiku

first: social network
it's fincher about facebook
time to unsubscribe

movie marathon haiku

oscar nominees
five flix for 25 bucks
i'm a seat warmer

February 24, 2011

las vegas strip

long view.

quote of the moment

"i think gambling often takes advantage of the hopes of others."

-- "jodie B," juror interview for a famous vegas case

February 22, 2011

quote of the moment

"give a man a match and he'll be warm for an hour. set a man on fire
and he'll be warm for the rest of his life."

-- sig. of "b jack trash" on blackjackinfo.com

February 21, 2011

quote of the moment

"angry stagnates a person's growth."

-- ex-con who was wrongly convicted and served 20 years in some
documentary i'm watching

quote of the moment

"my boss jimmy, who moonlights as a mathematician, once alerted me that
if one goes without food, one can drink 13 shots of booze. so on
saturday we started drinking immediately ..."

-- tony pierce, "two guys lose weight"

quote of the moment

"you know, people will spend their last dime to be entertained. they'll
steal a meal and pay for their entertainment."

-- 'iron' mike tyson

kadafi's son

my pal d4rw1n is an international trade lawyer ... amongst *all* my
friends, he's the only person i know who has been to libya ...
impressive not only because libya was embargoed by the US for years; but
also because i lived in england for two years, and the traveling brits
go *very* far afield ... even someone as far-gone as entropy dave -a jew
whose been to iran and dad worked for the state department overseas- has
never been there.

d4rw1n has met and essentially "knows" kadafi's son ... the one who made
the "every last bullet" line in a broadcast that may be partially
responsible for the suddenly full-on bloodshed in libya.

i asked d4rw1n how long he'd met with kadafi, jr. and got this
super-great response.

"About 45 minutes. [At a] conference to increase trade. He knew all the
right phrases - transparency, foreign investment, democracy, rule of
law. My questions about him then were (a) is he sincere, and (b) does he
wield power. My conclusions now observing his response to the uprising:
no and yes."

February 20, 2011

barry manilow and smiley face

las vegas, NV

February 18, 2011

quote of the moment

"Once Radiohead sounded like the last band standing after the
apocalypse, but this has a lovely optimism about it."

-- neil mccormick on radiohead's new album,"the king of limbs"

February 17, 2011

quote of the moment

"ancient britons ate dead and made skulls into cups"

-- reuters headline

February 16, 2011

mash-up of the moment

quote of the moment

"what chew want®!" (sic)

-- odwalla "nourishing food bar" wrapper

cypress and rainbow

monterey, CA

trivium of the moment

1/3 of all strokes occur to people under the age of 65.

source: larry ("not solid") goldstein; duke stroke center director

quote of the moment

"84-year-old survives 5 days in desert on wiper fluid"

-- msnbc.com headline

quote of the moment

"A mother in Myanmar says her baby girl's 12 fingers and 14 toes have
been no disadvantage — her grip may even be stronger than normal —
and now she's grasping for a Guinness record."

-- associated press story

trivia of the moment

the three most requested research subjects at the US national archives
are: the watergate scandal, the kennedy assassination and the "alien
invasion of roswell, NM."

source: LA times

haiku of the moment

star crossed dynasty
poor john paul getty III
addicted, ear-less

trivia of the moment

when J paul getty died in 1976, he left $500 to his son and nothing to J
paul getty III.

source: LA times

February 15, 2011

view out the window of my bed

monterey, CA

February 12, 2011

ceiling lamp


February 11, 2011


oakland, CA

section of tree grating

oakland, CA


oakland, CA

the world's longest bridge

b1: i'm at the "home of chicken and waffles" but the waitress isn't
understanding me. my solution? speak spanish. you gotta love

K: And Mexico.

b1: touché.

building sign

oakland, CA

haiku of the moment

girl with bobbing head
struggling to stay awake
slap service from sis

trivium of the moment

1/3 of men will have some osteoporosis by age 75.

source: mayo clinic

trivium of the moment

total muscle mass of a person decreases by nearly 50% between the ages
of 20 and 90.

source: mayo clinic

trivia of the moment

more than 15% of americans experiencing a hip fracture will die within a

trivia of the moment

by age 90, roughly 1/3 of US women, and 1/6 of US men, will suffer a hip

source: mayo clinic

quote of the moment

"a happy movie will cause you to snack less than if you watched the
latest thriller instead."†

-- realage.com headline

†i'm guessing this is because it's hard to snack while vomiting.

February 10, 2011

my feet in paraffin

las vegas, NV

February 09, 2011

quote of the moment

"fizzy means real fruit"

-- receipt sticker, SONIC drive-in; las vegas, NV

February 08, 2011


las vegas, NV

sliders, caesar salad, tomato soup and chocolate chip cookies


las vegas, NV

pariffin hands

-- las vegas, NV

{a new therabath® goes for about $175. i got an unused one for $15 at the oakland museum white elephant sale a couple of weeks ago. what you're looking at here is a dried casting of a quintuple dip of my hands.  due to my hedonistic sensibilities -especially in relation to things like hot springs- i've known about paraffin therapy for awhile, but only used it for the first time as part of my recent metrosexual haircut experience (a freebie as part of my ticket subscription, strangely enough).  it's something i *never* talk about (even my very closest friends haven't heard so much as a word about it), but i've got arthritis in my hands that's been compounded by years of juggling. the deep heat from this treatment is just beyond super-great ... proving, once again, that the romans had it right all along ... and there's a great added bonus in that using hand lotion before the big plunge drives the skin moisturization deep -- being red headed and living in the desert, i need all i can get.}

February 07, 2011

decorative "candy" heart

las vegas, NV

February 06, 2011


las vegas, NV

11/11/11 party ideas needed

my conundrum: it looks like we're going to throw a party at kon's krashpad on friday, 11/11/11 ... i'm interested in any ideas that you would have relative to this theme* ... my preference is for you to leave comments here (rather than by email or phone) so other people can see what's been posted.

this posting is just going to become a permanent part of the archipelago bibliorecord.


*remembering that i was the kid that wasn't allowed to do a brainstorming session in high school -- mostly for impish trouble-making reasons.

quote of the moment

"i used to sell hot dogs, now i go to different hot dog joints and eat
hot dogs; then i write hot dog stories."

-- tag for hotdogstories.com

{i could only wish i'd ever written that well. unfortunately, the rest
of the site doesn't hold to the strong tag standard.}

February 05, 2011

must see TV

quote of the moment

"we all look forward to aunt ginger's avocados."

-- mary M.

ceiling and lamps

las vegas, NV

February 04, 2011

quote of the moment

"the only people who want to get married today are homosexuals and
catholic priests."

-- norm crosby

February 03, 2011

manly beacon

highway sign

furnace creek, CA

trivium of the moment

the most common cause of death in death valley national park is the
single car accident.

source: DVNP propaganda flyer

view of death valley

directly out of my room (107), furnace creek inn

trivium of the moment

death valley is the driest spot north of the equator.

source: death valley propaganda video

quote of the moment

"permanence isn't built on optimism alone."

-- death valley propaganda video

February 02, 2011

"green natüra" soap

"this innovative ergonomically shaped 'waste reducing' soap has been designed to eliminate the unused center of traditional soap bars."

-- furnace creek, CA

bathroom wall tile pattern

mojave, CA

haiku of the moment

abandoned aircraft
snow peeks through the desert glare
mojave beckons

trivium of the moment

NYC taxes sliced, but not whole, bagels.

source: WSJ

How to Tax the Rich

as you know, dear reader, i don't often poke entire articles at you ...
but this one is so full of pull quotes that i gotta ...


February 01, 2011

quote of the moment

"text message blows up suicide bomber by accident"

-- leader-post headline