June 27, 2016

statistic of the moment

it costs larger US air carriers 14¢/mile to fly a passenger.  it costs spirit half that.


headline of the moment

"West Virginia flooding: Residents can return to homes, if homes are still there"

-- CNN.com

June 18, 2016

quote of the moment

"Stephen Howard, 44, was arrested Thursday on felony charges of carrying a concealed weapon without a permit and shooting a gun where people might be endangered, as well as two unrelated traffic warrants."

-- Rachel Crosby, LVRJ

June 16, 2016

quote of the moment

"If you expect nothing from life, you'll never be disappointed."

-- Harpreet Singh

June 07, 2016

headline of the moment

Another Florida alligator discovered gnawing dead body

CBS news.com