May 31, 2006

strangely colored desert grasshopper -- las vegas

incandescents -- las vegas

May 30, 2006

nighttime panorama, flamingo 24th floor -- las vegas

(includes one bonus blurred shot -- the type i love so much.)

May 29, 2006

striped taxi -- las vegas

deuces wild machine -- las vegas

this paid $1k.

May 28, 2006

madonna -- las vegas

phrase to remember

"hot bagels and cold chocolate milk."

day view, 24th floor -- mgm grand, las vegas

elevator door -- mgm grand, las vegas

slot machine dragon -- mgm grand, las vegas

May 27, 2006

24th floor mgm grand, night view -- las vegas

May 21, 2006

unknown ground cover -- lakewood

clemantis -- lakewood

clematis -- lakewood, co

May 18, 2006

great sign of the moment

"phó calí
cuisine vietnamienne authentique"

-- noodle shop, montreal

old exposed building advertising -- montreal

smoked meat -- schwart's hebrew deli, montreal

nouveau asian building front under restoration -- montreal

dragon with archway -- montreal

mangosteens by the bag -- montreal


(and only C$1.19/lb)

neon sign -- montreal

May 16, 2006

large mobile -- montreal

quote of the moment

"i'm a good stain remover. i have no conscience."

-- overheard couplet said by a woman in a cafe, montreal

in my funky hotel in montreal ...

there are three american bluesmen sitting above me, ray charles, b.b.
king and who? clarence gatemouth brown, i think. i'm the only person
in this place that would have a ghost of a chance of knowing and i
don't. the nutcracker is playing over the p.a. and this is driving me

May 15, 2006

my quebec dinner


from as near as i can tell it's french fries covered with shredded
smoked meat, cheese curds and gravy.

May 13, 2006

it was on this day, a long time ago ...

... that i went on my first date.

happy anniversary, anne.

quote of the moment

"if you surrender to hate
you have already lost"

-- bumper sticker on a 20 year old acura legend, santa clara

May 09, 2006

elephant ornamentation -- san jose

May 06, 2006

quote of the moment

DO NOT put any person in this washer.

-- warning label on chihuahua-size washer, santa clara

May 01, 2006

haiku of the moment

mist dampens all sound
bonfires flicker dull orange
night time on the coast