March 25, 2013

motion picture currency

las vegas, NV

March 15, 2013

quote of the moment

"we have tho make sure that we don't become alcoholics because then we'd have to stop drinking."

-- TJ's pal jon

idea gone horribly wrong of the moment

"The New Hampshire painter who set fire to a submarine so he could leave work early was sentenced to 17 years in prison and ordered to pay $400,000,000 today in U.S. District Court in Maine."


March 13, 2013

quote of the moment

"Having a Brazilian pope would be better than winning the World Cup."

-- bruno smania



© cervin robinson / pantheon publishing

March 11, 2013

KISS mini golf decorations and 18th hole

las vegas, NV

March 06, 2013

quote of the moment

"you can't do an arranged marriage for the prom!"

-- king feddy

ceiling lighting

las vegas, NV

lighting on ceiling

las vegas, NV