September 30, 2011

similarities in concept

a leeching cliff side and a piece of pottery...i just happened to run across both of these things independently in the last fortnight.

September 28, 2011

found note

i dropped into a crepe place in DC to have a MX coke and charge my phone ... killing time before my dinner with d4rw1n and tomasino baby.

on the floor there was a meticulously written note on two 3x5 yellow post-its.  without looking at it closely, i could tell it was something of fairly extreme importance ... i picked the bent notes up and put them on my table, assuming the owner may well come back, but after a l-o-n-g time no one showed up so i read it.

i'm *guessing* this is a rough draft of a bigger letter that was being written in long hand, but i thought the whole thing was fascinating and wanted to post it on here for my future reference.

(following is the entirety except there's something written in the top margin that i can't make out ... i may figure it out later ... if anyone wants to see the note, i'll take a high res shot of it and put it up with this.)


this weekend i learned a lot.  i don't know why i never believed you when you would say that i am #1 in your life and you once again proved my gut feeling to be right.  i tell you that your dad is throwing "darts" little jabs at me & what do you do?  you get mad at me and have me talk to your mom.  i'm tired of you not choosing me & frankly, i'm fed up.  i deserve to be first in someone's life and clearly i'm not in yours.  i have never done to anything to you to have reasons not to be #1 in your life.  i can't believe i faught (sic) w/ my family to stand up for you when clearly you can't do the same.  i'm sorry but i think we need some time apart.  i'm moving out this weekend.  i need to have time to see if this marriage

[next post-it] is even worth fighting for.  i need someone who always are (sic) behind me 100% and i don't have that w/ you.

September 27, 2011



September 26, 2011


washington DC


washington DC

September 25, 2011

light fixture

washington DC

reflection of the capitol building

washington DC

September 13, 2011


las vegas, NV

September 11, 2011

ceiling light

paradise, NV

September 09, 2011

neon sign

paradise, NV