July 26, 2008

quote of the moment

"i'm not excited, i'm old."

-- older white man at a poker table; santa clara, CA

July 25, 2008

quote of the moment

"i haven't had clam chowder in days!"

-- hispanic male in his 20's at the "santa cruz diner;" santa cruz, CA

quote of the moment

"i just needed all of it!"

-- wailing 6 year old white girl on the beach in santa cruz, CA

July 23, 2008

quote of the moment

"theory: the expansiveness of your charitability toward women can be
correlated to the proximity of your last good lay."

-- friend of b1-66er whose name i won't divulge due to the myriad of
ways asses may be kicked

July 21, 2008

snarky movie review of the moment

(i wrote this as a joke to friends of mine who saw it as part of the
movie club i'm in [complete with "serious" reviews sent out afterward]
... the wanted to save it for posterity for unknown reasons.)

THE NEW YEAR is the latest from the warped philadelphia mind of tom
quinn. people who tell you that too many steaksandwiches won't *really*
hurt you need to see quinn "don't call me 'the eskimo!'" at work as he
reminds us the five keys to modern life:

1. divorce is bad.
2. teenage sex is no fun. especially when your girlfriend won't put
3. old men wearing body hose are mildly sexy.
4. philly Sucks.
5. if you act as though there are no italians, there aren't any.

figuring he's done enough work surrounding the mummer's parade, quinn
decides it's not necessary to show it at the end. it leaves the film
feeling like a raymond carver story -- except without the writing.

moviemaker magazine lists quinn on their "10 young writer-directors to
watch" list. this flick puts him solidly on my "10 people who get
watched the most if they're near my mailbox and it happens to be full"

no tits. no ass. some beer. 2 *'s out of 5 possible.

quote of the moment

"i used to know much more."

-- king feddy

July 20, 2008

quote of the moment

"nothin'. i just got out of the pokey, man."

-- hispanic male in his 20's, talking on a cell phone; san jose, CA

July 18, 2008

"stan ridgway presents 'wall of voodoo'"

playlist of a show at "the great american music hall."

the big heat
(very sleepy version of) factory
peg and pete and me
the passenger
don't box me in
lost weekend
callin' out to carol
lonely town
mr. smith (from drywall)
train of thought (very old, possibly pre-WoV)
spaghetti western instrumental triolgy
mexican radio
call of the west
ring of fire (very boomy and brutal; sloppy and menacing)
long arm (1st WoV song ever recorded)
"just drive" she said
mission in life

July 14, 2008

quote of the moment

"don't drink and drive. we'd rather wait.®"

-- billboard advertisement by palm mortuary; las vegas, NV

July 13, 2008

quote of the moment

"i remember him kissing me a little, but not much else."

-- young asian woman talking to a friend in a casin; las vegas, NV

July 11, 2008

"that's all you need: self-medication, a fast internet connection and an
unlimited amount of funds in pot limit omaha."

-- unknown poker player in las vegas explaining how to recover from
severe poker losses online

quote of the moment

"okay to pour beer on little girl?"

-- CNN sub-headline

quote of the moment

"fire nears zen center"

-- headline, monterey herald

July 10, 2008

quote of the moment

"if you can't stand the truth, you don't even belong on the planet."

-- louis farrakhan

July 09, 2008

quote of the moment

"wildfires force residents to flee paradise"

-- CNN headline quote from todaY

July 02, 2008

pic of the moment

this is referred to by my friends as "the santa breakfast." las vegas,