March 31, 2010

trivia of the moment

from the latest wii survey of the world.

country that self-selects the most as "morning people:" portugal

country that self-selects the most as "night people:"

trivium of the moment

spending typically accounts for two-thirds of US economic activity.

-- reuters

quote of the moment


-- auto license plate bracket; santa clara, CA

quote of the moment

"it's like some film that you'd see in the middle of the night on some
channel between the other channels."

-- steve hanft, describing his film, "kill the moonlight"

March 30, 2010

trivia of the moment

the average female suicide bomber kills 8.4 people; the average male,

-- NPR conversation

March 29, 2010

trivium of the moment

china executed more people last year than the rest of the world's
countries combined.

-- amnesty international


mountain view, CA

(special K works here)


santa clara, CA

quote of the moment

"It helps somewhat that most of his former business school classmates
are hardly becoming masters of the universe."

-- michael "super-flourish" luo; the NY times

quote of the moment

"Nevertheless, an overriding complaint among many job seekers,
particularly professionals, is how often they are rejected for
lower-level positions that they desperately want and believe they could
practically do in their sleep."

-- michael "super-flourish" luo; the NY times

quote of the moment

"Exact numbers for workers toiling in positions where their experience
or education exceed their job descriptions are hard to come by, in part
because the concept is difficult to measure and can be quite

-- michael "super-flourish" luo; the NY times

March 25, 2010

quote of the moment

... GAS WON!

-- bumper sticker on bigg knasty's car

trivium of the moment

china currently has 250,000 new internet users a day.

-- brian lawley; CEO, 280 group

March 24, 2010

wall sculpture

campbell, CA

quote of the moment

"given [the north korean] currency position, can you imagine what the
expense account of a N korean agent looks like? their consult in NY is
in the same sort of premises as a four-person start-up by MIT

-- david levy

March 23, 2010

quote of the moment

"one man's mental slap in the face is another man's happy place."

-- rich handley, author of the definitive "planet of the apes" timeline


campbell, CA

the cutie honey DVD lunchbox

campbell, CA

March 22, 2010

here we go again

special K and i are returning, yet again, to 24 hours of TV ... this time with a special edition beginning this friday and running not 24, but 48, hours ... get the full scoop from the entirety of the planet of the apes press release.

"No" on Meg Whitman

Rarely do I venture into politics on here -- primarily because it's an exercise in futility and I have much better things to spend my time on -- but I am willing to make exceptions.

Meg Whitman is running for governor of CA.  Due to her involvement with eBay, I've met her enough times that you could say that I know her professionally -- although I'm positive she wouldn't remember me.

I certainly know her well enough to say that in no uncertain terms you should vote for anyone but her.

I'll keep my arguments very short.  There's exactly two reasons why you shouldn't cast any ballot her direction:

1. Until she decided to run for election, she never voted herself.

2. She takes credit for the majority of eBay -- much of which she doesn't deserve -- but for argument's sake let's say she's right and she invented the whole damn world there.  Ask yourself this real easy question: Over time, is eBay getting better or worse?  (Hint: if you're not sure, ask one of your pals who uses it all the time.)  Now, would you like to see a state behave in a similar fashion?

No, Meg.

No, no, no.

March 20, 2010

datum of the moment

73% of all books in libraries† are never checked out.

-- harvey mckay, minneapolis star tribune

† i'm assuming US libraries only here

March 19, 2010

quote of the moment

"common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age 18."

-- albert einstein

quote of the moment

"i had a life but my job ate it."

-- bumper sticker; santa clara, CA

haiku of the moment

traffic starts to crawl
a cupertino omen
wild turkeys on street

March 14, 2010

four food groups of exercise

more covert stuff for future reference. very possibly the last time
i'll note him on this 'blog.

aerobics sessions
3-4 per week

cross training sessions
2-3 per week

wind sprints sessions
1-2 per week

weightlifting sessions
2-3 per week

March 09, 2010

quote of the moment

"please do not use email to report a crime."

-- las vegas metropolitan police department website

March 08, 2010

quote of the moment

" and are accounts set up
specifically to process spam reports and punish spammers."

-- microsoft corporate email