January 16, 2019

Quote of the moment

It's hard to believe the internet hasn't killed nostalgia.

--Steve Rousseau

January 06, 2019

Are you SURE that's what i want headline of the moment

Kohler's smart toilet promises a 'fully-immersive experience'


Quote of the moment

Like social-media companies, "Bandersnatch" outsources decision-making and curation to its customers and then apparently expects to be congratulated for its dereliction of duty.

--Maureen Ryan

December 31, 2018

Quote of the moment

The seabed is a lonely place

-- Grahame Knott

December 27, 2018

Quote of the moment

Under intense stress, the line between lucidity and madness can be fuzzy.

--Adam Skolnick

December 19, 2018

Quote of the moment

I expect politicians to lie. I expect billionaires to lie. Hell, I expect religious leaders to lie. But Costco? I believe Costco.

--Kate Bernot

December 15, 2018

Chair seat


December 06, 2018

Quote of the moment

So here's a reminder kids: If you're going to do crimes, don't put them on the internet for everyone to see. 

--Erin Marquis

Quote of the moment

The China-U.S. competition is not merely a trade rivalry, but a rivalry on all fronts. Carry on, our motherland!

--Gavin Ni

December 05, 2018

Quote of the moment

Working for President Bush changed my life forever.

--David Valdez

November 29, 2018

Quote of the moment

Mr. Dauer never got to deliver the Spam T-shirts.

--from this article: https://nyti.ms/2zx80kH

November 26, 2018

Quote of the moment

It's much easier to be a sheep and buy into the narrative than it is to decide for yourself.

--Bill White

Quote of the moment

There are two ways you can expand your knowledge—through books and by gaining the confidence of fellow-magicians who will explain these things. 

--Mark Singer

November 21, 2018

Quote of the moment

A simple question begets a simple song.

--Chris Deville

November 19, 2018

The way it looks from my side

November 16, 2018

Quote of the moment

Comment sections turned cynical, "this is clickbait!" being the most common refrain, then outright ugly and hostile as discourse on the internet has devolved into a garbage fire inside a waste processing plant atop a landfill built on a massive skunk burial ground.

--Kevin Alexander

November 14, 2018

Quote of the moment

...That was because of his association Joseph Montiero, who had taken over the Crazy Horse topless saloon next door after the previous owner's head had been discovered--minus his body--in the desert near Needles.  Clearly, 'topless' had taken on a different meaning at the Crazy Horse.

--Tom Hawley

November 10, 2018

Quote of the moment

The only time I go shopping is when someone gives me their credit card.

--Kiran Matharoo

November 09, 2018

Screen shot of the moment

My G news feed, just now.

November 08, 2018

Headline of the moment

69-Year-Old Sues to Legally Change His Age to 49, Citing Tinder Benefits