September 18, 2014

situation of the moment

bald, heavy, white guy walking down the las vegas strip. 


day pack:  pink hello kitty.

September 12, 2014

7 Steps to Living a Bill Murray Life, by bill murray

(and © [which is not very bill murray of them, btw.])

September 03, 2014

quote of the moment

"If the Pryor of The Richard Pryor Show in 1977 had been a ferocious comic bulldog, not safe to be let out amongst children and the weak, then the Pryor of Pryor's Place and Brewster's Millions had clearly been house-trained, able to sit placidly by as the young ones pulled at his ears — not dissimilar from the character he'd played in The Toy."

-- julian upton

September 02, 2014

quote of the moment

"In 2011, a Danish sperm bank, Cyros International, stopped accepting donations from red-haired men. Demand was too low compared to the supply."


September 01, 2014

quote of the moment

"Ash Could Cover Los Angeles and NYC if Yellowstone Supervolcano Erupts"

I have a l-o-n-g running rant that the average american truly could not care less about WY.  my standard line is the front page of the NYT ryns a headline, "entirety of WY, ID and MT destroyed by yellowstone super volcano."  page 2 reads, "yankees have very real shot at the pennant."

look at this headline from and tell me I'm not right.

August 22, 2014

quote of the moment

"most people have something in their lives that they can't beat back with willpower alone."

-- jared lorenzen

August 18, 2014

quote of the moment

"If you have ever watched the Final Destination movies, you know there is no escaping death. It will jump through hoops, and create freak accidents to find you, if it is your time."