April 29, 2011

store sign

las vegas, NV

a hopeful aspiration day ...

... to you, dear reader.

April 26, 2011

quotes of the moment

"... better that than have a bad marriage and move to colorado, right?"

"oh her? she looks like shelley long in a blender."

-- solid goldstein

April 25, 2011


las vegas, NV


las vegas, NV

April 24, 2011

quote of the moment

"you can be an athiest and believe in jesus christ and still be a jew!"

-- solid goldstein

conversation of the moment

brother of solid goldstein: "a jew is a person who celebrates jewish
holidays, goes to temple (even when they don't have to) and embraces
jewish traditions."

solid goldstein: "that's ridiculous!"

April 22, 2011

quote of the moment

"in the desert, the sun can be your best friend...
or your worst enemy.
make friends with the sun."

-- "summerlines" magazine ad

April 21, 2011

quote of the moment

"[Bradley Manning] was kept alone in his cell 23 hours per day and
forced to sleep naked while being awakened repeatedly during the night.
The Pentagon said this was done to ensure his well-being and that it had
only happened on a few occasions."

-- reuters

April 18, 2011

trivium of the moment

800,000 americans will have their first heart attack this year.

source: american heart association

quote of the moment

"whaling or hosting exchange student lets US taxpayers claim
deductions" (sic)

-- bloomberg web headline

April 17, 2011

Re: donut

special K: bigg knasty says eventually the pizza donuts are free.

b1: only if someone doesn't buy it first, zippy.


the "econ 101"

a pizza donut that starts @ $30 at 07:00 and drops in price during the
day. i paid $10 at 17:00.

four flavors

"crunch hunch"
nestle crunch, chocolate icing, chocolate cake

"kooky monster"
oreo cookies, vanilla icing

marshmallow, graham crackers and chocolate

"cereal killer"
that's cap'n crunch, baby.

san jose, CA

instigator: likely some of this will show up at the [(f)r]ed dinner


s'mores and cinnamon troll donuts.

psycho donuts; san jose, CA

"trick or treat"

the 4th film of the "heavy metal monster mash"

gene simmons as DJ. ozzy osbourne as a televangelist. fastway

what's not to like? very very good.

unfortunately, i can't see the 5th show in the series ... i'd end up
missing the last caltrain south ... and i've gotta race in the morning.

April 16, 2011

"this is spinal tap"

french 35mm print because there are no US 35s left in existence.

everyone under the age of 35 learns where "turn it up to 11" comes

i've always thought this movie is way more wry that it is funny.

"the monster squad"

second flick of "heavy metal monster mash"

i *could* say that frakenstein ends up with a plush toy in limbo ... but
*really* all you need to know is there's a credit in this movie for
"vampire bride with opossum."

not good.

{BUT this is the director of "night of the creeps," the best B film ever
made. in my book, you can do *anything* after doing something THAT

"heavy metal"

"heavy metal monster mash" flick 1

last time i saw this film was at the dollar movies shortly after
release. drugs. hard rock of the time. tons of animated tits. good
in that "wizards" kind-of-way. special animated appearance by devo.
non-sensical story line that only adds to the experience.

so so great to see it in a theater again.

midnite maniacs "heavy metal monster mash"

5 flix, $13 at the castro.

short reviews follow.

April 14, 2011

quote of the moment

"as we get older, things seem less important."

-- "red"


top: clumbsy crunch (sic)
chocolate cake, icing and butterfinger topping

bottom: donut mcpsycho
donut raised sesame seed bun. filling of bacon, maple butter and
strawberry jam

pscyho donuts; campbell, CA

trivium of the moment

1 in 200 of all children reaching 22 weeks of gestation is still born in
the US.

source: the lancet

April 13, 2011


san jose, CA

building sign

san jose, CA

unidentified flower

san jose, CA

quote of the moment

"steaming hot bowls $4.99"

-- restaurant sign; san jose, CA


san jose, CA

April 11, 2011


santa clara, CA

quote of the moment

"grandma despondent after killing entire country's internet"

-- fox news headline

April 10, 2011

the 7th (and final) flick: "the troll hunter"

cloverfield, now with MORE TROLLS!

great set.

6th movie "stake land"

vampires meet steady cam blair witch sensibilities. high point: white
supremacists drop vampires on united states militia territory for
nothing more than sheer terrorism.

easily the best non-universal vampire flick.

5th movie "rubber"

what if a tire ran wild and killed people through telekinesis?

turns out, it's no big deal.

4th film "win win"

the entanglements of law, wrestling, age and messed up families.

better than seeing koreans dismember each other.

different than last year ...

this year's SFF is based almost entirely in 1 theatr (as opposed to
having choices every film change).

the only choice we get this year is on this film ...

i saw the start of "i saw the devil," a korean slasher film ... and
chose instead to watch "win win."

3rd film, "hesher"

the guy from "brick" and the right hand guy from "the office," in a
twisted white metal-head version of guess who's coming to dinner (and
then not leaving).

drags a bit. or maybe it's because it's 04:00.

2nd film

a short, "legend of beaver dam."

ozzie osbourne video meets a camping ghost story. good swiss army knife


good, but strange. the main sideman fromb the american version of "the
office" plays a man touched by god to become a super hero. walks a
strange line between extreme gratuitous violence, cynicism and heartfelt


first movie


April 09, 2011


santa cruz, CA

10 minutes to the start of the 5th secret film festival (and my 2nd).
half a dozen unannounced films.

store sign

santa cruz, CA

dumb idea of the moment

the official name of the san jose airport may now include the phrase
"silicon valley." the official name would now be:

san jose silicon valley mineta international airport

i should lobby my pals to get a ballot to add the suffix "and a
partridge in a pear tree."

April 07, 2011

quote of the moment


-- DMV kiosk sign; las vegas, NV

April 05, 2011

great disease risk site

ran across this via an LA times article today.

i score low, or "low enough," in everything ... EXCEPT melanoma risk, where i push the danger thermometer so high that i essentially died 2 days ago.

April 01, 2011

best april fools i've seen in quite awhile