December 29, 2007

quote of the moment

"attention all 'stand by' passengers. please stand by."

-- PA announcer, LAS

December 26, 2007

tile -- DEN

the tile at DIA at the end of the A concourse has patterns of continents
in the world ... but in-between some of the work there is this writing
in the tile, nearly indiscernible to the naked eye, the hiptop picks it
up pretty readily.

December 24, 2007


"crunchy noodle combination," little saigon restaurant, orlando, FL


city limit sign -- christmas, FL

large horseshoe crab mantle w/ backpack -- NASA property, FL

December 23, 2007

dinner, dixie crossroads -- titusville, FL

white shrimp, rock shrimp, stone crab claws, baked potato. us$22.

my hand touching a piece of the moon -- titusville, FL

December 22, 2007

trivium of the moment

fine for front seat vehicle occupants not wearing a belt: us$20/

road sign, st. petersburg, FL

December 21, 2007

hiway sign -- ormond beach

2 views from my car window, daytona beach

December 20, 2007

view from my dinner table

new smryna beach, FL

December 19, 2007

dinner -- new smyrna beach, FL

"turtle mound combo" at JB's. US$18

hiway sign, new smyrna beach, FL

December 18, 2007

quote of the moment

"who is this, 'jesus?' let me tell you, he is indescribable."

-- evangelical radio station announcer, daytona beach

quote of the moment

"christmas really is about finding the perfect gift."

-- radio ad, daytona beach

December 17, 2007

xmas tree top with lighting fixtures, MCO

December 12, 2007

haiku of the moment

everyone complained
about him keeping the beat
but ike turner ruled

December 07, 2007

quote of the moment

"one street before that, you want to turn right."

-- woman on cell phone, san juan batista

December 05, 2007

quote of the moment

"There are always differeing points of view, even when the objective is
the same. Remember that the chicken is dedicated to a breakfast of ham
and eggs, but the pig is 100 percent committed."

-- Horoscope for all Leos on 12/4/07 by Jeraldine Saunders

December 03, 2007

quote of the moment

"don't stick your head in there."

-- unseen woman to child, santa clara

quote of the moment


- sign on a box, santa clara