May 31, 2011

quote of the moment

"Envy is an illusion. Every choice has a cost. People are envious when
they fail to fully understand their own choices."

-- CB

May 29, 2011

haiku of the moment

in johannesburgh
a pop as the needle leaves
gil scott-heron gone

May 26, 2011

lights and skylights

las vegas, NV

May 25, 2011

conversation of the moment

girl 1: you said i was *stupid*!

girl 2: i said you were puerto rican.

May 24, 2011

quote of the moment

"over 25% of the performers from wrestlemania VII have died"

-- y! sports headline

May 22, 2011

sidewalk inlay

boulder, CO

Coca-Cola secret recipe revealed? It's the real thing, says radio host | Business |

trivium of the moment

james brown has the most-ever hits on the billboard hot 100 without
having a #1.

May 21, 2011

conversation of the moment

me: "people have got this camping end-of-the-world business all wrong.
today's not the end of the world. today is the rapture. end of the
world is october 21. even in complete disbelief, people don't pay
attention to what they hate."

mom: "i'm not too worried about it. i've been through the end of the
world several times."

quote of the moment

"doubt and confusion are the currency of deception, and they sow the
seeds of complacency."

-- mark hyman

May 20, 2011

Q & A of the moment

Q (mojo magazine): what is the importance of the funk signifier 'the

A (bootsy collins): 'the one' is the essence of all there is, and it's
definitely not a lonely number. we're a people that love to be loved,
but we got freedumb right now. and freedumb is a spot where you got all
these smartphone, but we're making dumb decisions, and making excuses
about it. and we've got t get back to 'the one,' because it's really
all about people having fun.

quote of the moment

"... i've never been an autobiographical songwriter. i tend to think,
'you know what? fuck you and your fascinating life. that's so
self-centered that it's making me nauseous.'"

-- robbie robertson

May 19, 2011

store sign

cocoa beach, FL

May 18, 2011

streamline hotel

daytona beach, FL

turtle mound sampler

11 clams, 3 crabs (medium spice), 18 shrimp, 1 cobb of corn.


JB's fish camp; new smyrna beach, FL

May 17, 2011

trivium of the moment

americans only redeem 3% of all coupons distributed.

source: "extreme couponing" TV show

trivium of the moment

sales of at-home red hair dye is up 17% in the last decade.

source: Y! "shine staff"

quote of the moment

"was that a dog, or was that dad drinking?"

-- kid in a restaurant; palm bay, FL

quote of the moment

"it's better to look like a geek than a moron."

-- judge judy

quote of the moment

"some watermelon farmers in china have been left perplexed about why
their fruit has been exploding."

-- BBC news

trivia of the moment

the most popular names for girls in israel are noa, maya and tamar.

source: BBC

trivia of the moment

females pandas are in heat 72 hours a year and can only become pregnant
in a 12-24 hour window during that time.

source: BBC "earth news"

May 15, 2011

quote of the moment

"My goal is to die as young as possible, as late as possible."

-- special K

May 14, 2011

quote of the moment

"it may sound a little arrogant, but i just think people can't handle
when somebody is successful. something has gotta be wrong; you gotta be
down with some higher power. and i guess when someone else is
successful, it makes you feel like maybe you're a failure. so it can't
be you, it has to be some other force."

-- jay-Z

quote of the moment

"ocean of magma found inside moon of jupiter"

-- fox news headline

May 13, 2011

an absolute must-read ...

... before it gets pulled.  be sure to browse the comments.


blogger's been having problems. are they done yet?

May 04, 2011

for suttonhoo: found poem of the moment


-- sign on the back of a school bus; las vegas, NV

May 01, 2011

quote of the moment

"after pearl harbor
did FDR
bomb new zealand?"

-- bumper sticker on a truck with NV "veteran" plates; las vegas, NV