October 31, 2008

video of the moment

articulation of a prius passenger-side windshield wiper. san jose, CA

(i had recorded this on advice of a friend to mail to b1-67er, but was
asked to post here as well.)

quote of the moment

"study finds that looks matter, especially in female candidates"

-- y! headline

October 29, 2008

quote of the moment

"i'm reading it, but in my mind i go WAH-WAH-WAH-WAH-WAH ... what am i,
a dog now?"

-- zz, when being forced to read the most recent "choka of the moment"

October 28, 2008

quote of the moment

"skinhead plot to kill obama wasn't fully formed"
-- AP news headline

chōka of the moment

oh great taco bell
tomorrow free hard tacos
"taco" i should say
(you try to contain damage)
single stolen base
world series game, gratis food
a split second run
caloric proposition
jason a. bartlett
you have my favorite pair

oh great taco bell
"steal a base, steal a taco"
the knell is ringing
heart battles waist for worst place
i'll eat your tacos
1 by 1 -- oh yes, i will
2 o'clock to 6
golden hours wait ahead
i am preparing
today i ate small amounts
trusty GPS
i will seek your locations
pre-set memory
with power, no hiding place
there'll be no weiner
no kosher certificates
also no winner
physically i may well lose
i've been off TB
you had free tacos before
i ate seven then
i call that, "the bad old day"
but character builds
battle day is upon me
we'll see what happens
how many cows i can eat
gastronomic park
let's hope no roller coaster

oh great taco bell
body's twitching, clocks ticking

knowing locator
find my shortest taco path
just 16 minutes
body chemistry changes
turn ignition "on"
the start of my absurd quest
things speak for themselves
welcome to cupertino

slacker stares at me
that's right, i said, "free taco"
i am first order
pride fills my entire being
so slow at TB
you cannot break me ... this way

you try to block me
think again, management head

supreme irony
quest interrupted for gas
car has a message
mileage is 16-6-6-6
a GPS fail!
thinks "taco bravo" is right
i see "wendy's" folks
no no no no not today

cultural exchange
indian gives me taco

"ahh ... we meet again"
hot sauce fortune predicts right!
"hungry a little"
i have clearly lost my mind
drive through queue is good
no destination hurry
taco number 3

blend in my stomach, not mind
school girls eye the bell
"fruitista freeze" ad
doesn't sound good ... nothing does

gaping fast food bag
for you all future is waste
7-3 degrees
excellent top down noshing

what? bag has receipt?
could win $1000
it makes me wonder ...
can i ask for a refund?
i take their survey
sorry, no $1000
i leave a message
"free taco day rocks! ..." oops, burped

man in front orders
doesn't ask for free taco
one of two problems
doesn't listen or no friends
i fall for your trap
i order a *drink* as well
crafty taco bell
you knew, too well, i'd succumb
blonde woman freaks out
"what do you mean, these are free?"
get a grip, baby
"free" means the cost is zero
TB criminal
sign calls several freebies "fraud"
half way through free time
i'm 100% done
you call me "wimpy"
i say you're five tacos down
lessons of excess
i do not want to hear them

oh great taco bell
thinking of the food today
dreading my dinner tonight

pic of the moment

1875 50¢ bill; cupertino, CA

October 27, 2008

quote of the moment

"staying awake is the only way to get things done anymore."

-- item propaganda for an alarm clock on thinkgeek.com

haiku of the moment

thin indian man
long drawn-ou texas drawl
a dicotomy

haiku of the moment

amazing asian
spins endless yo-yo routines
teenage friends are bored

haiku of the moment

zeppelin returns
oh the great humanity
tragedy removed

October 25, 2008

pic of the moment

woman texting on a cell phone, ultra low light; mountain view, CA

pic of the moment

plane chunk; moffett field, CA

zeppelin iii

only existing original zeppelin hanger in the world; moffett field, CA

zeppelin ii

for the first time in 70 years, a zeppelin is at moffett field.


only 3 in the world, this one crossing the golden gate. SF, CA

October 24, 2008

zeppelin vs. pterodactyls

aside from the entirety of shädy äcres, this is easily the best 'blog
posting ever written in the history of the web.


not that it's up against much competition.

pic of the moment

taken from my brother's hiptop. this *zeppelin* (not blimp) flew over
his house.

quote of the moment


-- sticker on a prius; SJ, CA

October 22, 2008

quote of the moment

"lots of me is bent."

-- zz

quote of the moment

"it speaks to man's descent into mechanization."

-- special k, talking about the ceiling and light picture below

October 21, 2008

pic of the moment

ceiling and light; SF, CA

enter ye lucky ones


pic of the moment

interior building detail; SF, CA

pic of the moment

door spandrel; SF, CA

October 19, 2008

upper political thinking

my brother (who like me is not US political party affiliated) has
believed from day 1 that the obama campaign slogan should be, "you KNOW
i can do better than that."

he just heard obama say, "try voting democrat this time, you know we
can't do any worse.

so very close.

October 18, 2008

haiku of the moment

a top stops spinning
audrey II doesn't need food
levi stubbs no more

October 16, 2008

quote of the moment

"polar bears and panty hose and coca cola."

-- a member of "laika and the cosmonauts" when asked what things made
finland great

laika and the cosmonauts

SF, CA (for the very last time)

after 20 years, the greatest finnish surf band are breaking up. the dog
will remain in space.

pollo del mar


the go going gone girls


haiku of the moment

time to contemplate
a divorcing madonna
not like a virgin

October 15, 2008

quote of the moment


-- stand-alone blurb on the cover of a "popular science" magazine

October 14, 2008

quote of the moment

"photos: deadly california wildfire doubles in size, kills 2"

-- yahoo! news headline

October 11, 2008

quote of the moment

"i like the super insane-o, like, skulls, like, you know, like, like

-- 20-something white guy talking to two women about tattoos (i think)

haiku of the moment

long nylon lanyards
rattling cages in queue
move those shopping carts

quote of the moment

"life is a little puppy you can grab by the scruff."

-- elvis presley

quote of the moment

"the difference between frugal and stupid is small."

-- edmunds.com

October 08, 2008

quote of the moment

"how would you like to be a little circus clown?"

-- elvis preslesy

October 06, 2008

quote of the moment

"a thesaurus does not make you intelligent, it makes you sound like
-- random comment on a discussion board

haiku of the moment

modern talk show host
interrupt, joke, be the star
without listening

quote of the moment

"the low road is a narrow one."

-- comment on a washingtonpost.com thread

October 05, 2008

quote of the moment

"necessity has no ethics."

-- line from "dr. x"

hi-tech stop sign -- night view

hi-tech stop sign; santa clara, CA

interesting visual effect here ... due to persistence of vision, when
you stand and look at the sign in person you perceive all the LEDs
hitting at the same time ... the camera shows it as a bottom-to-top
progression ... not the reason i shot it, but so very fun.

may have to go back and shoot a night one.

quote of the moment

"the gifts were handed out by young women with bored expressions and
tight tops."

-- man who worked as an undercover car salesman for edmunds.com

October 04, 2008

quote of the moment

"'sure' is 'no' disguised as 'yes.'"

-- teenage daughter of a friend

October 02, 2008

quote of the moment

"politics is the art of turning the sanguinary into the sanguine."

-- howard fineman

October 01, 2008

quote of the moment


-- government sign on santa clara, CA park

my bloody valentine; SF, CA

this shot by solid goldstein essentially to the back and side of stage.
he powered his way over during the white-noise segment (what the band
refers to as "the holocaust section") of the last song.

essentially it's raw feedback with no discernable beat or sonic quality
over-and-above "on." this was accompanied by banks of super-bright LEDs
firing in what could only be described as cro-magnon inspired patterns.

i enjoyed this part of the show very much and was disappointed that i
had to flee before it was over to (barely) make the last train of the
night back home. i liked it not so much for the "music" but for the raw
audacity of subjecting a few thousand people to the sensual seepage of
it all ... and doing it for 25 minutes straight.

when i left the venue, half a block away it sounded like a jet was
landing where the concert hall was. seven blocks away you could still
hear the drone above the street noise.

as any avid reader knows all-too-painfully-well, i've been playing with
the video capabilities of my new hiptop (posting using blogger is
joyfully simple). i also tend to post pictures and quotes without
comment because i prefer the art museum approach of
interpret-this-however-you-want (although, obviously, i always know why
*i* posted it).

i'm breaking my rule this time, though. the attached clip is remarkably
good at showing the psychological raw confusion of the situation. the
audio and video are heavily over-driven in much the same way this
assault grabs your physical being. if you turned up your speakers as
loud as you possibly could, them directly against your ears, moved your
eyes close enough to the screen that you could see nothing else, and
then looped this 75x, it'd be pretty close to the actual experience.

not that i think you should do that.

my bloody valentine; SF, CA