October 29, 2012

quote of the moment

"What Much Will Hurricane Sandy Cost the US Economy?" (sic)

-- theatlantic.com teaser headline

October 26, 2012

help me get free quiznos

"Have your friend text 1qus7W to 702-749-4939. When 10 of them do, you get a free sub at W. Charleston store. Reply STOP 2 quit!"


(and you get a TXT coupon good for 20% off the charleston quiznos in las vegas.  i get a counter when someone TXTs [they don't say who or what number did], i'll add a comment here when i've hit 10.)

news item of the moment

Women banned from water slide after safety concerns

A high-speed water slide at the Galaxy water park in Erding, Germany, has been restricted to men only, after six women complained of genital injuries, some of which required hospital treatment.

-- rideaccidents.com

October 19, 2012

quote of the moment

"Sunscreen Recalled That Could Catch Fire on Skin"

-- 10tv.com headline

ceiling grill work in negative

oakland, CA

fluorescents and neon

oakland, CA

October 17, 2012

trivia of the moment

current records for running while juggling 3 balls:
100m 11.68
1 mile 4:43
10K 36:27
marathon 2:50
50 miles 8:23

October 14, 2012

lighting on floor -- color positive and negative

paradise, NV

October 11, 2012

quote of the moment

"surprise your friends by dating millionaires"

-- internet pop-up ad

October 10, 2012

lights and beam -- B&W and color negative

las vegas, NV.

October 09, 2012

buildings and sky (in 3 color effects)

paradise, NV

October 05, 2012

quote of the moment

"British court rules one-eyed Muslim cleric can be extradited to US"

-- christian science monitor headline

October 02, 2012

trivium of the moment

ferrari has sold a total of 130,000 cars in its entire existence.

source: motor trend