May 14, 2009

haiku of the moment

nice hello kitty
your stoic nature entralls
sanrio sunrise

want to buy me a present?

quote of the moment

"the chief enemy of creativity is good sense."

-- picasso

May 13, 2009

quote of the moment

"only 1 thing looks worse than winnie the pooh with his face sandpapered
off, and that's any gadget covered with swarovski crystals."

-- nate lanxon

quote of the moment

"the truth is optional."

-- a friend of mine who is threatening me if i use her name because
she's DEEPLY INVOLVED IN CO POLITICS and would get big-time google hits
on this; arvada, CO

May 12, 2009

quote of the moment


-- sign; arvada, CO

May 10, 2009

quote of the moment

"i don't have a drinking problem, i have a drinking career."

-- steve O

May 09, 2009

quote of the moment

"the elderly fat lady with the cane hasn't come through yet."

-- voice from an overly loud walkie talkie at SJC

May 03, 2009

quote of the moment

"marketing is the root of all evil in the world."

-- bo3b johnson

May 02, 2009

quote of the moment

"i don't like smart people any more."

-- teenage girl talking to another; los gatos, CA