August 31, 2008

quote of the moment

"it's like the difference between 'furry' and 'fury.'"

-- b1-66er

August 30, 2008

quote of the moment

"i have to say, the best thing i've had today is the butter."

-- middle aged white woman at the "slow food nation 08" show; SF, CA

quote of the moment

"nothing says 'i love you' like 20 pounds of rice."

-- sign at the slow-food farmers' expo, san francisco

quote of the moment

"which way is down?"

-- statement in a book being read by a person in front of me on BART
that i just happened to notice by pure chance

August 25, 2008

paypal and ticketpond, you suck

i use gmail for the vast majority of my email these days because it's
web-based, has great spam protection and supports a lot of the fine
points in email protocol that other people tend to ignore.

one of these protocol features is the "+" extension. when you use the +
sign in the name of an email address, everything to the right of is
ignored but still sent to the same original email address. this is
useful for filtering (specific email addresses get special handling) as
well as leaving a digital trail of how certain people are getting your
email address.

for example, if my email address was, i could use for as my address here and my b166er account would
still get the email. i'd know the original source of the email was
either this blog directly or indirectly. (and, if i wanted, i could set
up a filter to automatically forward all my +blog mail to my tmail
address on my hiptop.)

today i got an email from that had my "+paypal"
extension. which means that paypal has sold my email adress to them.
this, to be clear, is the company inherently trusted with people's
banking information online. i haven't looked into the company details
yet (e.g. paypal could own ticketpond), but i don't care. i'm pissed.
and i'm not taking this lying down.

August 15, 2008

pic of the moment

-- car view, N platte river, just off i-80 and near sinclair.

(b1-67er insisted i take a picture of this. we're watching water,
waiting for fish.)

August 11, 2008

haiku of the moment

today bear skins weep
there are no more private dicks
miss you isaac hayes

August 10, 2008

360° panorama

about ¼ mile from medicine bow national forest

quote of the moment

"we do not dispose of animal carcasses."

-- sign by sink in a cabin, "riverside cabins and garage;" riverside, WY

August 09, 2008

quote of the moment

"sit & shop"

-- sign on the side of a wheelchair with a basket on front in a
wal*mart; laramie, WY

August 07, 2008

quote of the moment


-- sign in a sonic drive-in parking lot; lakewood, CO

quote of the moment

"wag more. bark less."

-- bumper sticker; lakewood, CO

August 06, 2008

quote of the moment

"everything is built on sand in florida."

-- solid goldstein

August 05, 2008

quote of the moment

"i'll see you at the debates, bitches."

-- paris hilton in a public announcement aimed at the US presidential

quote of the moment

"if only there were evil people somewhere insiduously committing evil
deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from us and destroy
them. but the line between good and evil cuts through the heart of
every human being. and who is willing to destroy a piece of their own

-- alexander solzhenitzyn, gulag archipelago

August 04, 2008

quote of the moment

"... and steam is coming out of my ears ... because this thing has just
fucked me in every possible way."

-- fat paulie, discussing his synching of an iphone

quote of the moment

"it is easier to understand than to be understood."

-- bill russell

quote of the moment

"rap has become a sad reality."

-- professor griff of public enemy in a print interview