June 29, 2010

quote of the moment

"we now remove more wild fish and shellfish from the oceans every year
than the weight of the human population in china."

-- new york times

quote of the moment

"it's getting to the point where we can do the weather like this: 'it's
getting hot! damn hot!'"

-- las vegas radio announcer

(where locals don't talk about the heat *at* *all* until the temperature
is > 110°. and yes, today and tomorrow are forcasted for 110+.)

June 28, 2010

quote of the moment

"there was a time when your choice of book told people who you were, or
at least who you wanted to be. having an e-reader doesn't saying
anything but 'i read books and have power outlets in my home.'"

-- lore sjoberg

quote of the moment

"i'm still in aerosmith so the circus is still in town."

-- steven tyler

June 27, 2010

bo3b's rule of gagetry

anyone who buys a new piece of technology on the first day it is offered
is a fanboy.

June 24, 2010

quote of the moment

"The Isner-Mahut battle is a bizarre mix of the gripping and the deadly dull. It's tennis's equivalent of Waiting For Godot, in which two lowly journeymen comedians are forced to remain on an outside court until hell freezes over and the sun falls from the sky. Isner and Mahut are dying a thousand deaths out there on Court 18 and yet nobody cares, because they're watching the football."

-- xan brooks of gardian.co.uk, talking about the (early stages of) the longest tennis match in history 
{at this moment the match is not yet finished}

June 23, 2010

quote of the moment


-- printing on the side of an indian mountain dew bottle

June 22, 2010

quote of the moment

"casinos pioneered artificial reality."

-- special K

June 21, 2010

quote of the moment

"leaking new music like BP leaks oil."

-- radio station promo blurb; las vegas, NV

haiku of the moment

spider of sudan
entangled in western games
rest long manute bol

quote of the moment

"In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But, in
practice, there is."

-- Yogi Berra

glass ceiling ornaments

las vegas, NV

June 19, 2010

quote of the moment

"'cuz one day you'll be dead, that's why."

-- sole text on an ad in the NYNY casino; las vegas, NV

trivium of the moment

1 serving of chef boyardee overstuffed beef ravioli is equivalent to a
full serving of vegetables in the US food pyramid.

quote of the moment


-- tag line on the back of a cheerios box for entering their contest at

quote of the moment

"The president can now be one of the few persons on the planet to have
seen Stephen Strasburg in person and to have visited Strasb(o)urg,
France, for a global town hall event."

-- david brown; y! sports

(that makes two now. apparently 6/19 is "professional journalists write
like idiots" day)

quote of the moment

"A homeless man discovered on Friday the decomposing body of a woman
along the side of dead end road in east Houston, police said."

-- mike glenn, houston chronicle

June 15, 2010

i'm starting to understand a trait of houses that i never realized before... they are continual works in progress... until you die... and then they win.

June 13, 2010

broken clock

after 22 years i'm throwing the head of my deceased GF clock away ...
and why do you think it says 5:06?

that's right. it was the moment the loma prieta earthqauke struck.

June 11, 2010

quote of the moment

"you know what i say ... you know what i say ... what did i say!?"

June 08, 2010

haiku of the moment

marvin isley
body killed, soul intact
fight the power

June 02, 2010

quote of the moment

"everybody dies somewhere."

-- b1-66er

June 01, 2010

quote pf the moment

"DNA is life
the rest is just translation"

-- license plate bracket; santa clara, CA