October 31, 2013

norwegian vO2 max calculator

good for future covert bailey related information for me.


quote of the moment

"less is not more."

-- miss piggy

closing soliloquy of the english dubbed "rodan," 1956

as kiochan turned to weep on my shoulder, I realized the rodans were doomed. the heat, the gases, the bombardment; added to their bewilderment.  like moths in those rivers of fire, they seemed almost to welcome the agonies of death.

and when, still calling to each other, one of them fell at last into the mountain lava stream, the other still refused to save itself. the last of their kind, masters of the air and earth, the strongest, swiftest creatures that ever breathed -- now they sank against the earth like weary children. each had refused to live without the other and so were dying together.

I wondered whether I, a twentieth century man, could ever hope to die as well.  it was if something human were dying!

as the flames consumed them in a fiery holocast, their last agony wails echoing in a mournful cry ... we stood there staring with a strange fascination.

I realize now, that by the narrowest of margins, man had proved himself the stronger. but will it always be so?  may not other and more terrible monsters even now be stirring in the darkness? and when, at last, they spring upon us, can we be certain we can beat them back a second time?

the answer lies in the future.  our fears, for now, have gone up in flame and smoke.

-- (uncredited) voice acting by keye luke


October 28, 2013

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October 06, 2013

punkin patch

las vegas, NV