May 24, 2016

quote of the moment

"you can't save everybody, folks, just try not to be livin' next door to 'em when they go off."

-- Dennis Miller

May 23, 2016

datum of the moment

1 in 7 American children go hungry.

-- some governmental study I can't track down.  (it's referred to several places, one is here

May 18, 2016

quote of the moment

global mass extinction is coming in the form of a giant meteor and preferable to electing either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

-- elise viebeck

May 17, 2016

quote of the moment

 I often tell people if you want to become an atheist, just read the Bible; that does a better job of converting people than anything else a person could read.

-- Penn jillette

quote of the moment

"Abraham Lincoln wouldn't have laughed about waterboarding."

-- penn jillette

May 16, 2016

headline of the moment

"Baby bison dies after Yellowstone tourists put it in their car because it looked cold"

Washington Post

{on the arch, we prefer the critter to be referred to by its scientific name, "bison bison bison"}

editorial choice of the moment (first ever on the archipelago!)

on CBSnews

the headline:
Aussie Olympians to get (near) Zika-proof condoms

with this photo:

headline of the moment

"woman heads to the hospital with shark still attached"

-- USA today

May 11, 2016

technical quote of the moment

"Nebraska technically held a Democratic primary, which Clinton won 53-to-46 percent, with 100 percent of precincts reporting."