June 23, 2018

Quote of the moment

Random loopholes are not the hallmark of a good tax code.

--Josh Barro

June 20, 2018

Headline of the moment

Phanatic's flying hot dog leaves Phillies fan with facial injuries

June 18, 2018

Clickbait headline of the moment

Did Mexico fans cause an earthquake?

--disappointingly queried by the BBC

June 17, 2018

Weirdly worded headline of the moment

Strong quakes hit Japan, killing at least 2, and Guatemala

June 16, 2018

Headline of the moment

Grandma rabid bobcat with her bare hands

--New York Post

Phone screen shot guess of the moment...

...So, men are delaying prostate cancer treatment because their dogs won't get off the furniture?

June 15, 2018

Quote of the moment

My position is quite simply this: Whether a person believes in God or not, if someone is achieving extraordinary things then I believe God is in that process.

--John R Hall
(Adjudicator for burial placement at Westminster Abbey)

Quote of the moment

I hate Bezos and Amazon so fucking much, just last week I only ordered nine different things.

--MRSKIA in a comment on splinternews.com

Quote of the moment

"...research shows there will be more plastic than fish by weight in the world's oceans by 2050.

June 13, 2018

Quote of the moment

But this was a raccoon, after all — part of a deceptive and unpredictable family of nocturnal mammals whose panda-like looks lull humans into forgetting they can carry multiple diseases. 

-- Matthew Haag/Christina Caron

June 11, 2018

Oil and vinegar spot on table


June 09, 2018

First ever must read...

...for all browsers of the archipelago.

It doesn't matter how you define tragedy...Anthony Bourdain's suicide is THAT.

Quote of the moment

MIT trained an A.I. using morbid Reddit captions, and it became a psychopath

Datum of the moment

Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the US.

-- NYT

June 04, 2018

Headline of the moment

You might not even notice the best new iOS 12 feature

Headline of the moment

Feeling Disgusted Is A Mechanism To Avoid Diseases

Headline of the moment (+ headline note!)

An FBI agent did a back-flip in a club, dropped his gun and accidentally shot someone police say

-- Washington Post

Okay.  The Washington Post have some headline super genius working for them.  I mean someone at the "headless body found in topless bar," level.  Nearly every day I see something in my news feed that is well beyond worthy of inclusion here.

BUT*, the WP writing is wanting --sometimes bordering on the hack-ish. I refuse to pay for it.  Which means I can't go over and copy/paste a headline and instead go read what the article's about on the NYT (which I pay for) the BBC**, or more rarely, Al Jazeera.

*that's my "big but."

**Showing, yet another, way that England trumps the US.