September 29, 2010

quote of the moment

"not everyone can be the coolest guy in the world."

-- alamo rental agent "nick," PWM, and coolest guy in the world

September 28, 2010

quote of the moment

"you are about to get your asses kicked inside of your minds."

-- MC at fantastic fest; austin, TX

September 23, 2010

another 24 hours of TV ...

... except this one's not gonna be TV.

as part of my all you can jet (AYCJ) trip, special K and i will be
riding the staten island ferry for 24 hours straight ... it all starts
day-after-tomorrow from roughly 16:00 september 25 to 16:00 september

we'll be writing about it all here:

join in if you care.

quote of the moment

some rules of life

1. wake up. show up. pay attention.

2. be happy and have fun!
(life is a trip - enjoy the journey.)

3. learn, master, and play by the rules.

4. get an education.
(knowledge & wisdom are the key.)

5. work hard. work smart. never quit.
(nothing good comes easy.)

6. the "circle theory" is in effect.
(integrity. never lie, chear or steal, especially yourself.)

7. know your weaknesses & overcome them.
(power is when you ask for help and use it.)

8. learn a skill, trade or profession you love and master it.

9. deadly sins
(pride, envy, anger, sloth, greed, gluttony, lust alcohol / drugs, doing
wrong when you KNOW right.)

10. don't judge and learn to forgive.
(surrender to win.)

11. never sweat the small stuff.
(most of it is small stuff.)

12. treat all with dignity and respect.
(especially yourself.)

13. acquire patience and serenity.
(learn to be still, be quiet, be at peace and meditiate.)

14. make a negative a positive and learn from the past.

15. to thine own self be true. develop self discipline.
(do what you're supposed to do, not what you want to do, until what
you're supposed to do is what you want to do.)


drew brown - (a regular customer)

-- from the front page of the "blue plate cafe" menu; memphis, TN

September 22, 2010

quote of the moment

"i'm aware that the democrats are fools and cowards, but the republicans
are liars and whores -- and that's just the men."

-- randy haspel

trivium of the moment

all of elvis's grammys were won for gospel music.

September 12, 2010

trivium of the moment

from 1895 to 1925, 30% of norway's population moved to the US for the
lumber industry.

quote of the moment


-- entirety of the telegraph sent to US grant immediately after the
final spike was driven at promontory point, UT

September 07, 2010

#AYCJ leg #3 flight #174, SJC -> JFK.

September 06, 2010

the tour: slayer, megadeath, anthrax the name: "american carnage"

September 05, 2010

quote of the moment


-- label highlight on a can of chef boyardee overstuffed beef ravioli

quote of the moment

"guilty secrets seek outlets."

-- laura kipnis

quote of the moment

"it is scarcely possible to conceive of the laws of motion if one looks
at them from a tennis ball's point of view."

-- bertolt brecht

September 04, 2010

It just occurred to me that jingle writing is to song writing as Engineering is to pure science. It makes me sad. -- b1-67er

hideously difficult trivia question of the moment

Q: only 4 people have ever had 5 albums on the best-selling music charts
simultaneously: frank sinatra, barry manilow, michael jackson and whom?

A: johnny mathis.

September 03, 2010

quote of the moment

"i douche all day long."

-- barry manilow; las vegas, NV