November 29, 2013

praying mantis

salinas, CA

November 27, 2013

quotes of the moment

"you can't learn from mistakes until everybody's made them."

"when it comes to marriage women are cold, calculating and logical.  men are driven by their hearts and their dicks."

-- the grumbler

haiku of the moment

hard metals of life
glow from a tempered friction 
forging more mettle

November 25, 2013

datum of the moment

Global airlines brought in $27 billion in nonticket revenue last year, an 11-fold increase over 2007.

-- ideaworks co.

November 07, 2013

quote of the moment

"i believe that the purpose of death is the release of love."

-- laurie andersson

November 03, 2013

quote of the moment

"Seminal fluid contains substances that are carcinogenic."

-- Graham Giles

November 02, 2013

opinion of the moment

LA times headline today:

LAX shooting comes with mounting aversion to the TSA

no kidding.  this isn't news, it's statement of fact ... right up there with "earth continues to rotate on axis."  I heard the news and the VERY first thing I thought was, "i wonder if the gunman has any friends."

November 01, 2013

quote of the moment

"about 10% of people who work out overtrain during any given year."

-- mayo clinic