December 31, 2005

haiku of the moment

my 2005
was made much better by you
and your reading -- thanks

haiku of the moment

woman starts screaming
"i sorry we start closing
happy new year, yes!"

haiku of the moment

i don't feel too good
i'm thinking only noodles
can turn my demise

haiku of the moment

vietnamese girl
enters the wrong apartment
crazy sounds result

haiku of the moment

woman keeps yapping
often saying, "hablamos"
that is the wrong tense

December 30, 2005

psychedelic doodle

(c) 2005 l. dill

oil and vinegar drawing ...

... with different cell phone flashes.
drawing (c) 2005 d. dill

quote of the moment

"agnostic prayer is a good back-up strategy."

--special k on the fine points of computing

December 29, 2005

haiku of the moment

a three-legged dog
walks past my window daily
always makes me pause

December 28, 2005

haiku of the moment

need to call england
but can't until biz hours
time for more "king kong"

haiku of the moment

back from week away
seemed like about a second
a year yawning yon

December 27, 2005

quote of the moment

"the self-effacing path leading to it gradually parts to reveal the enormous parasol of a roof lightly upheld by a cadence of supports."

-- g.e.k. smith writing on thorncrown chapel

December 26, 2005

haiku of the moment

a "king kong" review:
lots of good ape destruction
way too much jack black

December 25, 2005

haiku of the moment

xmas trivia:
one disciple, not a jew
what's the answer? luke

conversation of the moment

(to more fully appreciate this, my mom is 75 and looks, and acts, like a somewhat aged version of aunt bea from the "andy griffith show.")

we're going to the movies when a super-hot 20-something woman crosses in
front of us on foot.

b1: "i'll take that for christmas."

mom (in exasperation): "oh, b1!"

b1: "it may well be your only chance to get a grandchild."

we wait and watch her sashay past.

mom: "maybe you should stick it to her."

my other brother joe ...

... wraps packages all by himself.

December 24, 2005

t-shirt of the moment

quote of the moment

"time is short and suddenly you're not there any more."
-- ghost of xmas present, "scrooge"

haiku of the moment

burned out taco shack
now holds double entendre
named "el tostado"

December 23, 2005

quote of the moment

"i was going to give you guys knives for christmas, then i thought 'no,
you'll just kill each other.'"
--woman to son leaving knife store

quote of the moment

"this is so FRUSTRATING. i can't spell good enough to find things in
alphabetical order."
--white american woman in her 20's in a cd store

sign of pending apocalypse

haiku of the moment

geese in formation
tumble back in slow motion
head wind reeks havoc

December 22, 2005

haiku of the moment ...

in colorado
sunset blazes a bright red
coyote runs through yard

December 21, 2005

important message from spock

this is an audio post - click to play

haiku of the moment

i want to go back
relive being a small boy
light switch amazement

haiku of the moment

data addicition
draws very sharp clarity
web phone left behind

December 20, 2005

deep fantasies fulfilled?

it's no secret that most guys want a threesome (those who do not are
REAL good at building models), but trying to bring that to reality is
problematic ...

how do you convince one woman to bring in another? where do you find a
bed that's big enough? how do you keep the two of them from going
shopping together and talking about your penis size afterward?

here's one possible answer to the conundrum:

December 19, 2005

haiku of the moment

traveling mantra:
work to very last minute
leave town a zombie

THE reason the 70's were better than right this second ...

quote of the moment

"photoshop is acting up again ... hard to say when it's crashed and when it's just behaving like usual."

--j. carter

December 18, 2005

fishbone -- san francisco

haiku of the moment

storm blowing outside
pounding headache in my skull
world under attack

December 16, 2005

haiku of the moment

nothing quite as great
as thinking a task is huge
and ending up wrong

December 15, 2005

smashed pinecone -- palo alto

haiku of the moment

haiku book has sat
on my night stand for ten years
time to open it

December 14, 2005

haiku of the moment

it is surprising
how much "busy work" you find
unwanted tasks loom

December 13, 2005

quote of the moment

"of course the people don't want war. but after all, it's the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it's always a simple matter to drag the people along whether it's a democracy, a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. that is easy. all you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism, and exposing the country to greater danger."

--hermann goering

haiku of the moment

why am i disturbed
over the death of tookie?
host to such evil

the perfect xmas gift for *everyone* ...

... and i do mean "everyone," ranging from your fiance, to your most hated neighbor, to the person who has everything, to the person who wants nothing:

December 12, 2005

haiku of the moment

i feel so sleepy
but how is that possible
with a three hour hop?

December 11, 2005

haiku of the moment

dollar bill in change
george "speaks" in a faint red stamp
saying, "i grew hemp"

haiku of the moment

back to my old world
need to reset and adjust
15 hours of sleep

December 10, 2005

haiku of the moment

i still remember
hearing "that nigger's crazy"
bye richard pryor

haiku of the moment

concourse woman screams
for me to go much faster
just get in arm's reach

chandelier -- nassau, bahamas

haiku of the moment

dinner "vegetables?"
my favorites are plantains
with some mac and cheese

December 08, 2005

haiku of the moment

odd combination
hebrew national hotdogs
and bahamas' beach

December 07, 2005

conversation of the moment

on a call with the miami herald

miami herald: "does it bother you that you're having a transfer at an
airport where there's just been a shooting on a plane?"

b1-66er: "no. i like it. i collect stories and experiences. it helps
break the tedium of what would otherwise be normal travel."

miami herald: <long silence>

haiku of the moment

great cuban sandwich
super tasty wheat milk shake
i love miami

haiku of the moment

volcano rumbles
toucan calls from the forest
wind makes symphony

haiku of the moment

jungle with two lights
lightning bugs in the foreground
lava further back

unknown tree flower -- tabacon, costa rica

December 05, 2005

haiku of the moment

i have never liked
playing a game of tetris
with travel luggage

December 04, 2005

haiku of the moment

my mind is reeling
muzak christmas carols play
as i view jungle

haiku of the moment

very blonde woman
in cowboy hat, explains "borgs"
to costa rican

December 03, 2005

haiku of the moment

asian woman yaps
complaining of fake satchels
in costa rica

haiku of the moment

complaining woman
wins free ipod in drawing
god does not exist

haiku of the moment

fly from san jose
to the other san jose
luggage in peril?

December 02, 2005

interior building architecture -- dallas

December 01, 2005

haiku of the moment

it is a strange world
when the winters fill with green
and the summers, brown