November 30, 2010

quote of the moment

"Though the United States makes up less than 5 percent of the world's
population, it incarcerates almost 25 percent of the world's

-- Y! news article

quote of the moment


-- billboard; bakersfield, CA


santa nella, CA

quote of the moment

"i'd probably call it math before i called it a myth."

-- suttonhoo, discussing whether cyber monday is a real or made-up

November 28, 2010



November 27, 2010

van door insignia

-- salinas, CA

(the back of the van has the stick-on lettering "bankruptcy attorney")

November 24, 2010

quote of the moment

"1.3 million pounds of 16oz spaghetti could circle the earth's equator
almost nine times."

-- statement on a waiting card; las vegas, NV

November 23, 2010

quote of the moment

"must be playing 25¢ minimum wager for complimentary cocktail"

-- sign on penny slot machine; las vegas, NV

quotes of the moment

"Our revolutionary forces countered with stern military actions. It is
our traditional military countermeasure to punish perpetrator's fire
with a thunderbolt of fire."

-- N korean central news agency

"The likely message to Washington from the North is a familiar one:
We're still here, we're still kind of crazy and you still have to deal
with us."

-- bill powell

November 21, 2010

highway sign

key largo, FL

November 03, 2010

but what does it all MEAN?

today i'm flying on a plane, completely full. 2 guys behind me have
been assigned the same seat. why? they are BOTH named "david alan


i was supposed to be in madrid yesterday to see picasso's guernica, but
due to a series of freak events and accidents, i didn't.

this isn't the first time i've missed it ... 15 years ago, i took a side
trip to madrid, specifically to see that painting ... they were
overhauling the prado and moved it to a museum that was closed on the
day i was there.

just now, at cousin's BBQ in DFW i'm standing next to an asian-american
woman ... she has an entire sleeve tattoo of guernica on her arm.

"i was supposed to see that today."

"huh. i've never seen it either. i couldn't think of what to put on my
arm so i used picasso."

quote of the moment

"... the mind of an addict is extraordinarily biased toward instant
rewards rather than delayed gratification."

-- nathan thornburgh

quote of the moment

"{design manager for ecco} thomas maymann claims that the {biom}
lightweight yak-leather shoe that employs anatomically correct flex
grooves and a sole crafted from direct-injected polyurethane, "will help
train muscles in the foot and lower leg, increasing athletic performance
and decreasing injuries."

-- michale slenske

trivian of the moment

the human foot has:
200K nerve endings
33 major muscles
28 bones
19 ligaments

quote of the moment

"we need someone with insider's knowledge and an outsider's mind."

-- jerry brown

quote of the moment

"there's a reason most plays open off broadway."

-- dan schnur; chairman of CA fair political practices commission

November 02, 2010

quote of the moment

"honor the past, because it is still out there."

-- george vecsey

quote of the moment

"timmy's timmy."

-- matt cain

November 01, 2010

quote of the moment

"what's the seagoing equivalent of a restraining order?"

-- zz

quote of the moment


-- sign held on a street corner by a white middle-aged man; las vegas,

quote of the moment

"For Obama, it looked like nothing but drawbacks. It's a setting he couldn't control. A comedian as smart as Stewart can make you look stupid whatever you say. If you make a joke, you are being frivolous about serious stuff. If you are serious, you have no sense of humor (so what are you doing on the show in the first place?)."

-- clive crook, commenting on president obama's appearance on the daily show

new holiday ...

... new 'blog.

possibly to celebrate all saint's day, i've got a new one going.  wisdom and the cereal guy -- TXT conversations with (the other half of the 24 hour enterprises brain-trust) special K.

quote of the moment

"Maximize revenue by inserting ads into headlines: ED'S SPORTS BAR

-- Writing tip from [fake] AP Stylebook
{sent to me by the birdhead}