February 21, 2011

kadafi's son

my pal d4rw1n is an international trade lawyer ... amongst *all* my
friends, he's the only person i know who has been to libya ...
impressive not only because libya was embargoed by the US for years; but
also because i lived in england for two years, and the traveling brits
go *very* far afield ... even someone as far-gone as entropy dave -a jew
whose been to iran and dad worked for the state department overseas- has
never been there.

d4rw1n has met and essentially "knows" kadafi's son ... the one who made
the "every last bullet" line in a broadcast that may be partially
responsible for the suddenly full-on bloodshed in libya.

i asked d4rw1n how long he'd met with kadafi, jr. and got this
super-great response.

"About 45 minutes. [At a] conference to increase trade. He knew all the
right phrases - transparency, foreign investment, democracy, rule of
law. My questions about him then were (a) is he sincere, and (b) does he
wield power. My conclusions now observing his response to the uprising:
no and yes."