November 30, 2007

haiku of the moment

forget the rocket
and the shattering of bones
evel, you were good

November 22, 2007

when mechanical engineers cook

November 21, 2007

there is a god

i'm looking for a grand central phone number ... one of the very first
choices i'm given is:


you might think of it as:


trivium of the moment

every person on earth has an average of 52 lego bricks.

November 20, 2007

quote of the moment

"if i had super powers, i would steal beer and throw rocks at people i
didn't like."

-- guillermo del toro, director of "hell boy"

haiku of the moment

driver with jitters
anxious to make a left turn
coffee cup on trunk

November 08, 2007

firetruck -- palo alto, CA

haiku of the moment

my normal train ride
took an unusual turn
when it exploded