April 30, 2008

haiku of the moment

a haiku a day
becomes much more difficult
when sleep is altered

April 28, 2008

haiku of the moment

if a "day" was changed
to be 48 hours
i'd sleep 24

April 27, 2008

again? this trick never works

you can't have too many half-assed writing projects. god knows i don't.

but i'm getting closer all the time -- here's the newest:


where king feddy and i will be talking about eating and life.

haiku of the moment

so good to be back
with cash in pocket
and ideas in mind


i'm back

well, well, well.

i've been "gone" for a long time, but now i'm back.

the short version:

* things have been great
* i never did find the rat nest
* the apartment isn't (fully) clean
* expect daily haiku

believe it or not, i missed this place.

but now i won't.

April 24, 2008

quote of the moment

"go be jesus to someone"

-- church of christ sign, napa, CA

April 23, 2008

quote of the moment

"you've got to look hard for the sparks of divinity in the ashes of

-- quote in "the jewish americans"

unidentified flower

maybe a bachelor's button. napa, CA

April 16, 2008

quote of the moment

"if i learned anything in my 40 years of nursing, it is a little
knowledge can be dangerous."

-- my mom, b1-56er, in a text conversation

April 15, 2008

it's tax day today in the US

my share of the burden? US$85,000.00

sounds like a lot. especially when you consider that a mere four years
ago not only was i making no money myself, i was paying out of my pocket
the salaries of three people.

could be worse. a close friend of mine owes, get this, US$500,000.00.

April 12, 2008

quote of the moment

"i lost me to meth"

-- propaganda poster, san francisco

April 02, 2008

quote of the moment

"ADT called in the middle of the night, and said they detected a carbon
monoxide leak [in our home]. we would have slept right through it."

-- commercial apparently aimed at people who merely sleep through gas
leaks, instead of dying in them

April 01, 2008


san francisco, CA