August 27, 2005

so, briefly, what's my point?

although i've always associated diaries with crackpots, a bunch of my pals coerced me into starting this blog, a deal that was sealed by a message from god/the jones soda corporation.

i started writing this to capture a haiku a day. over time i've put less emphasis on haiku and more on what is essentially a mental scrapbook that includes low-resolution digital photography and individual lines i run across in my daily life. free to comment if you so desire (i get notified any time you comment anywhere in the blog), but don't feel compelled to do so. in general i'll tend not to comment back to what you say on the site -- it doesn't mean i don't appreciate the comment, i just don't think of this as being that type of back-and-forth. there's an email address in my profile if you'd rather write me directly -- i'll always respond.

if you've come here because of a comment i've made on your blog, it's probably because i've searched on some word in either technorati or google and hit your site. (as an aside, i'll automatically link back to anyone who links to me -- if that's the kind of thing that thrills you.)  don't fret.  i'm a lot of things, but i'm not a blogger stalker.

be warned that you will find old skool blasphemy in here. if you're offended by such matters, just go elsewhere -- i don't share your fundamental precepts of judeo-christianity, and it'll keep our (meaning yours and mine) collective blood pressures down.

you'll also find the occasional reminiscence.

what you won't find is a ton of "this is what i did today" drivel. i figure you want to read it even less than i want to write it.

welcome to my world. i'm glad you're here. i hope you find your stay worth the sliver of time you spend.

(a much longer-winded version of this explanation can be found here, although i'd recommend just diving right on into the site instead.)

[this written 10/16/05, with minor additions on 2/20/09 and 1/16/10, but pre-dated to sit near the long explanation.]