April 16, 2011

"heavy metal"

"heavy metal monster mash" flick 1

last time i saw this film was at the dollar movies shortly after
release. drugs. hard rock of the time. tons of animated tits. good
in that "wizards" kind-of-way. special animated appearance by devo.
non-sensical story line that only adds to the experience.

so so great to see it in a theater again.


Blogger Mock Turtle said...

I also saw Heavy Metal at the dollar double-feature theater soon after it came out. I was barely in high school.

"two day ride with one hell of a tip"

I liked the animation but the soundtrack seemed great at the time. They kept playing the Sammy Hagar and Don Felder songs on KSJO and KOME, the local rock stations long after the movie left the theater but I wanted to hear Devo and Cheap Trick.

I can't really remember which movie it was playing with but I wanna say it was American Werewolf in London. We did a lot of theater hopping in that place so I'd get the movies mixed up.

Glad to hear you liked seeing it again.


Wednesday, June 01, 2011 2:37:00 AM  

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