November 03, 2010

but what does it all MEAN?

today i'm flying on a plane, completely full. 2 guys behind me have
been assigned the same seat. why? they are BOTH named "david alan


i was supposed to be in madrid yesterday to see picasso's guernica, but
due to a series of freak events and accidents, i didn't.

this isn't the first time i've missed it ... 15 years ago, i took a side
trip to madrid, specifically to see that painting ... they were
overhauling the prado and moved it to a museum that was closed on the
day i was there.

just now, at cousin's BBQ in DFW i'm standing next to an asian-american
woman ... she has an entire sleeve tattoo of guernica on her arm.

"i was supposed to see that today."

"huh. i've never seen it either. i couldn't think of what to put on my
arm so i used picasso."