October 28, 2008

chōka of the moment

oh great taco bell
tomorrow free hard tacos
"taco" i should say
(you try to contain damage)
single stolen base
world series game, gratis food
a split second run
caloric proposition
jason a. bartlett
you have my favorite pair

oh great taco bell
"steal a base, steal a taco"
the knell is ringing
heart battles waist for worst place
i'll eat your tacos
1 by 1 -- oh yes, i will
2 o'clock to 6
golden hours wait ahead
i am preparing
today i ate small amounts
trusty GPS
i will seek your locations
pre-set memory
with power, no hiding place
there'll be no weiner
no kosher certificates
also no winner
physically i may well lose
i've been off TB
you had free tacos before
i ate seven then
i call that, "the bad old day"
but character builds
battle day is upon me
we'll see what happens
how many cows i can eat
gastronomic park
let's hope no roller coaster

oh great taco bell
body's twitching, clocks ticking

knowing locator
find my shortest taco path
just 16 minutes
body chemistry changes
turn ignition "on"
the start of my absurd quest
things speak for themselves
welcome to cupertino

slacker stares at me
that's right, i said, "free taco"
i am first order
pride fills my entire being
so slow at TB
you cannot break me ... this way

you try to block me
think again, management head

supreme irony
quest interrupted for gas
car has a message
mileage is 16-6-6-6
a GPS fail!
thinks "taco bravo" is right
i see "wendy's" folks
no no no no not today

cultural exchange
indian gives me taco

"ahh ... we meet again"
hot sauce fortune predicts right!
"hungry a little"
i have clearly lost my mind
drive through queue is good
no destination hurry
taco number 3

blend in my stomach, not mind
school girls eye the bell
"fruitista freeze" ad
doesn't sound good ... nothing does

gaping fast food bag
for you all future is waste
7-3 degrees
excellent top down noshing

what? bag has receipt?
could win $1000
it makes me wonder ...
can i ask for a refund?
i take their survey
sorry, no $1000
i leave a message
"free taco day rocks! ..." oops, burped

man in front orders
doesn't ask for free taco
one of two problems
doesn't listen or no friends
i fall for your trap
i order a *drink* as well
crafty taco bell
you knew, too well, i'd succumb
blonde woman freaks out
"what do you mean, these are free?"
get a grip, baby
"free" means the cost is zero
TB criminal
sign calls several freebies "fraud"
half way through free time
i'm 100% done
you call me "wimpy"
i say you're five tacos down
lessons of excess
i do not want to hear them

oh great taco bell
thinking of the food today
dreading my dinner tonight