March 23, 2023

Quote of the moment

You're just one recipe away from a better day.

--NYT article blurb 

March 22, 2023

Meta quote using 'like' 3× before a comma of the moment

I like my AI like I like my foreign cheese varieties, incredibly weird and full of holes, the kind that leaves most definitions of "good" up to individual taste.

--Kyle Barr 

March 21, 2023

What would it mean if an asteroid struck Earth? quote of the moment

It would be in the range of serious crap happening.

--James Garvin

Quote of the moment

The people who have done the deep and conceptual thinking about brain death are people … who tremendously value their cognitive abilities.

--Alan Weisbard

March 19, 2023

Quote of the moment

Last night there were a lot of gunshots and a lot of groups of people running.

--Endiya Stalks

March 14, 2023

Quote of the moment

Any analytic view will become wrong over time.

--Ian Bremmer

3 & 1

3 mudflap girls
3 trailer balls
3 skulls 
1 attitude


Huge band quote of the moment

One of the most profound mysteries facing science is how exactly life arose from non-living matter. Now, scientists have pinpointed a particular peptide that potentially kickstarted life – and it could all be nickelback's fault.

--Michael Irving

March 09, 2023

Quote of the moment

In 2020, Americans spent $1.6 billion just to cash checks. 

--Matthew Desmond 

Quote of the moment

Where there is exclusion, there is exploitation.

--Matthew Desmond 

Quote of the moment

But capitalism is inherently about owners trying to give as little, and workers trying to get as much, as possible.

--Matthew Desmond

Quote of the moment

Sometimes exploitation is simply the best bad option.

--Matthew Desmond

Partial quote of the moment

...for every dollar budgeted for TANF in 2020, poor families directly received just 22 cents.

--Matthew Desmond

Quote of the moment

You can't eat a cellphone. 

--Matthew Desmond

Quote of the moment

Human gene editing has become a matter of national security.

--Joy Zhang

March 02, 2023

Data of the moment

When a household has a cost ratio of over 30%, it is considered cost-burdened. Severely cost-burdened households have cost ratios of over 50%.

--US Department of Housing and Urban Development

March 01, 2023

Quote of the moment

[Steve] Baldwin once told me that, after years of visiting the parrots, he has come to see Green-Wood not as a necropolis, but as a library of "completed lives."

--Joe Kloc

February 28, 2023

Quote of the moment

I don't really do easy.


February 24, 2023

Quote of the moment

As both a food editor and a semi-functioning member of society, I'm a little embarrassed to admit how frequently I eat popcorn for dinner.

--Tanya Sichynsky

February 23, 2023

Dueling questions of the moment

(screenshot from my Android just now)