February 10, 2012

dam film fest: block 9 "drama E: behaving badly"

"the endless"
unrelenting rain in noir city, where everyone eventually receives the
big pay back. the lead actor needs a much harder edge look.

"the proposition"
a mom wants her kid killed, but that may not be where the morality
problems end with this family.

"election day"
there are reasons why high schools have vice presidents, and some of
those reasons are manipulative (albeit sexy).

"4 minutes"
let's say you kill a man in rage, but get a chance to take it
back...will it make a difference in the bigger picture?

"the southern belle"
claus-y cab driver picks up a prick in the street as his last run.
you'd think the passenger's story of adultery would be the moral low
point, but the cabdriver hasn't told his story yet...nor have we heard
anything start to kick in the trunk. my favorite of the set.

"another day another life"
the world isn't going to be a pretty place if this woman doesn't tell
this guy she's gonna marry him.