February 10, 2012

dam film fest block 7: horror - you'd better run

easily the weakest block shown so far.

"the magic murder"
three minute film in which a man reads there's a serial killer on the loose, only to see himself in the paper as the next victim.  all-on film noir, not at all horror.  my favorite of the set ... but there's not much competition here.

like redbox except you get to see movies of people getting snuffed.  the physical deadbox and the supporting materials for it are better than the movie itself.

"nowhere road"
two hot chicks and some semi-dull dude with car trouble are picked up by local hillbillies with bad intentions.  oh, except it turns out the threesome are serial killers.  oops.  from the title alone you know it can't be bad ... unfortunately it could be much better.

"ha, ha horror"
student film critic gets assigned horror movies and they begin leaking into his subconscious.  movie could use severe time editing and a minor re-write.  tries too hard and rambles as it does so ... having said that, there is a good blow-job-while-watching-a-movie scene.

doctor with cancer decides to go off the deep end to treat himself.  as david spade would say, "the first time i saw this movie, it was called 'the fly.'"  except it had a bigger budget.  and a better director.

this is definitely not kansas anymore.  little girlie holds two clowns hostage and tortures them.  if you like blood in tea cups, you will love this movie.  unfortunately i do not.