February 10, 2012

dam film fest: block 6 "drama C: a different kind of love"

old pixar-style animation. geek gets ready for a big date. feels a little
too obvious and tries a little too hard. when I laugh at something, I want it
to do it "for real," not as some sort of fake "i get it, ha ha," form of

"in that moment"
spectacular short of a statue busker in central park and a picturesque
blonde who tries to woo him. no words, all acting done so subtly that
it's caught only by super close up. easily the best of the block.

"the maiden and the princess"
great story-in-a-story movie about a girl who kisses another in
school, but is ostracized for it. the division of story tellers
assign a probationary misfit to write a story for the lesbo-in-waiting
to straighten things out. it's here that the movie both starts
preaching AND theoretically wanders. needs a re-write for the ending.

"if you have no place to cry"
odd film of stranded fishermen getting cranky, then bring told about
the world's greatest whore in the next port. borderline slapstick acting
didn't do it for me, but the crowd loved it.