February 09, 2012

dam short film festival block 1 "drama A: collateral damage"

"the last paperboy"
sepia tone view of the last paperboy in the US, not so long from now...only 1 customer is left, but I won't spoil it by saying who.  quaint flick with nice bikes.

"40 years"
warped dementia, probably better thought of as david lynch directs british soccer kids in a brutish version of "the thing."  super great.  THIS is what good short film is all about.  it would not surprise me if this ended up being my very favorite film of the festival.

N carolina civil war perceptions of flickering death.  good, but this director could use a piece of advice given to me about movies by the hotrodgrrl, all those years ago: make the best movie you can...then sit down with a stop watch and time it...then cut the running time in half.

"the thief"
an iraqi tale (in farsi!) about youth betrayal and turn about as an adult.  good acting...GREAT scenery.