February 09, 2012

dam film festival block 4 "showcase A: from perth to sydney - films from australia"

crazy australian wind shield water documentary. makes me want to stay
away grim medians in perth.

sappy girl movie about aguy who insinuates himself at some chick's
table in a coffee bar at precisely 11:00 every saturday. makes me
want to vomit exactly 100ml.

"the foal"
a girl won't let go of, that's right, her DEAD COW. great film.
easily the best acting I've EVER seen from an extremely young actress.

super high budget sci-fi of a future where women are prostitutes and
men are beholden to crooked female cops. not that much different than
the strip on a saturday night.

"the maker"
super super great stop motion of a critter racing against the clock to
produce another critter, but to what end? (before you laugh, maybe
you should consider what you do for a day job, girlie.)

computer animation where we discover that cave men learned about roast
beef from farts. and subsequently rejoiced about it.