February 09, 2012

dam short film festival - block 3 "drama B: a dramatic life"

"love notes"
somewhat stalker-ish boyfriend is told to go away...first for posting love
letters on a door, then for enlisting a demonic accordion as a helper. you
can't hate a movie with a demonic accordian, neither can I.

"a dog"
spooky next door neighbor gets his dog hit...or does he? superlative
creep-out acting by the lead.

"love on saturday"
a collage of interactions between 20-something men and women that mostly
go astray. spooky, if for no other reason than I've experienced at
least 4 of the scenarios in the past week.

being a trailer park bisexual may lead to prostitution. it also has
its bad points. first tits of the festival.

"loco amor"
stalker boyfriend kills girlfriend who now plays for the other team.
unrealistic because:
1. the guy wouldn't have to ask, "what does she have that I don't have?" and
2. he'd want to watch (or join in) with what's going on, not kill people.