February 09, 2012

dam short film festival review: block 2 "documentary A: odd jobs and independent spirits

"look to the cookie"
simple rundown of a family run bakery. good. (and I'm hungry!)

"neve and sons"
a dying industry: family run CA flower growers. some good inside dope on
flowers that you would never think of...including the pressures if
valentine's day. gotta love flowers.

"randy parsons: american luthier"
custom guitar maker who has a penchant for putting skulls in instruments
for no other reason than their being cool. big time guitar porn in this
movie, and my favorite of the set.

"a read on inside books"
short, and excellent, doc about an organization who sends books to TX
prisoners...includes some great statistics like the US holds more of its
population in incarceration than any 1st world country...7 in 1000.
added bonus: the guy who runs inside books keeps his glasses held
together with an upside down safety pin.

"JPAC: a hero's mission"
the organization behind american MIA repatriation. heart wrenching.