February 10, 2012

dam film fest block 8: "drama D: unique views"

"the high level bridge"
good documentary about a suicide bridge in canada. suffers only from a
slightly speedy delivery by the narrator (whom I believe is also the

"so long kodachrome"
almost a shot-for-shot remake of travis bickle's gun buying scene in "taxi
but with cameras. I'm guessing most people won't get it.

"the worms and the flies"
cuban film where a little girl learns both family values and the power
of the mind. VERY good.

a brain tumor becomes something a designer sees on the wall in his
quietest (and most disconcerting) moments.

"my mind"
beautifully drawn wandering picture of the way a person thinks.

"the cycle of life"
completely, and very technically, animated movie describing the cycle
of life as viewed through the most complex diorama examples you can
imagine. feels like a visualization off the museum of jurassic
technology. great.

"a finger, two dots then me"
spoken poem detailing all things holy, and achieved the
all-but-impossible -- it actually choked me up. may well end up being
the best film off the festival.

"el caffinato"
the life and times of the coolest coffee shop in town...as a musical.
not as good as out sounds.  and if you think about it, it doesn't sound that good.