February 10, 2012

dam film fest: block 5 "sci fi: past and future friends"

dog is man's best friend, but robots are dog's best friend. nice robot
special effects.

"schrodinger's box"
what happens when you decide to recreate schrodinger's experiment...and the
cat decides to look at YOU?

"hollywood forever"
is that a vintage store, or a time machine? in any event, it's a hot
chick and a fair lookin' guy.

a super-tinkerer falls in love with a deaf woman and makes earrings
that allow her to hear, but with no thanks given. cool gadgetry, but overly
acted by all parties.

there's this place in the woods where, if you set up a super 8 camera,
you can catch time distortions and wraiths on film. so, really, all
you need is more film. my favorite of this set.

in the not-so-distant future a man creates the ability to memory wipe
people, then immediately steps out of the science limelight to become
a perpetual grump. his next step is to start working on a happy machine ... the
make-up is too heavy, the acting too reminiscent of silents and this
flick, too, needs the hotrodgrrl's 1/2 screen time suggestion.

"how to kill your clone"
fake ad done in 50's style for the clone killing corporation (CKC).
the result isn't as funny or as good as the idea ... i could've
written this screen play better, given the premise.