February 15, 2012

dam film fest block 15 "drama G: kid stories"

"mr. babbo"
bad ass kid runs a toy company like an adult.  good idea, extremely poorly cast.  not the right kid for this part.

"george and the fly"
little girl has life altering experiences in school thanks to a fly.

mildly interesting kid bully story.

"the perfect skate"
love on the roller skating rink.  would be far more convincing if the kid learning how to roller skate actually didn't know how to do it.  (hits a little too close to home for me since i've learned to ice skate in the last year.)

alaskan girl going through cancer treatment is befriended by a wizened alaskan native.  super super great stop motion puppetry used for dream sequences ... giving this one my nod for the set.