February 15, 2012

dam film fest block 13 "showcase B: NV filmmakers"

"the magician"
a short film where a magician shows how to steal his roommate's clothes, girlfriend, etc.  interesting in the way it was done: just a series of stills ... kind of like watching someone's slide show.  works surprisingly well.

"guitar man"
documentary(?) about an extremely good slide guitar busker in reno.  my favorite of this set.

"walter was here"
in case you didn't guess it already, things aren't so great in a post-apocalyptic world.

"just like the movies"
this film will end up being voted as the best of this set by the audience and i still have trouble understanding why ... a company is given netflix-like subscriptions instead of raises and each person ends up living their life in a movie like fashion.  great idea -- but very poorly executed here.  there were a bunch of the people present from this film in the audience and the post-screening Q&A ... i suspect ballot box stuffing.

"please sign here"
what happens if you really like the UPS driver?  order stuff all the time, of course.

"lady and the chap"
charlie chaplin appears in the modern day.  works very well.