February 15, 2012

dam film fest block 12 "comedy: laugh it up"

"a short film"
at a whopping two minutes in length, a western wear midget gets shot off a pony, followed by paragraphs of disclaimers about the political incorrectness of using the terms "midget" and "dwarf."  great, although the disclaimers run a tad long.

"touch my junk"
over the top mockumentary of a woman who gets off on being searched by TSA.  tries too hard.

"restructing michael swift"
a great employee works at a crappy company where he's the last person to get downsized.  several good current-state-of-this-madness shots.

"the bathroom attendant"
"the office" style documentary of a self-appointed bathroom valet.  this one too tries to hard.

"the screamers"
a couple are looking over a city in spain.  the woman screams.  she says, "you try it."  the man screams.  things happily escalate, with each person yelling various phrases, that is, until the man shouts "i love you!" ... provoking the woman to scream.  great.  and my favorite of this set.

"my good fortune""
the supranos meets a guy who really wants his damn fortune cookie at his favorite chinese restaurant.

"employee of the month"
an employment counselor works on placing some fairly difficult clients, including a vampire, a zombie and satan.