February 15, 2012

dam film fest block 14 "underground - strange bedfellows"

"hairy situation"
frozen frame animation of a boss having to talk to an employee about leaving too much pubic hair on the toilet.  good.

"eight degrees in suburbia"
a woman discovers that her boyfriend is drugging her and selling her body for sex.  now, why don't i have friends like that?

a guy is obsessive-compulsive over the number 9.  this movie has a big problem for me and that is the guy always counts to nine as he does things (turns a door knob or whatever) ... if you were this far gone, you wouldn't have to count, you'd already know.

"casper & kitty"
a hot romance has become tepid.

"attack of the killer mutant chickens"
animae-style cartoon from india about a bad future where chickens get big and mean, but stay tasty.  it's possible i was the only person in the theater who liked this film.  please make mine white meat.