February 15, 2012

dam film fest block 11: "drama F: international stories"

"the scarecrow girl"
brazilian farmer's daughter wants to read...just like her brother. film
suffers from a strange problem -- the lead actress is a little too nice and
is clearly having a good time (even when getting chewed out by dad).

"a common family"
korean movie on a long trip where no one is having fun ... and that's
before dad runs down someone on the road while everyone else is asleep...or
are they? the great step in this film is where it goes from boring to spooky.

the next door lolita traps neighbor's cats, steals sunglasses and hits
on boyfriends. good.

"bon giorno sayonara"
italian guy vacationing in britain fights with his girlfriend who storms
off. meanwhile, a japanese woman gets abandoned by her pre-occupied boyfriend.  neither can speak a common language, but the guy and girl hook up for an afternoon of fun and sightseeing ... only to return to their respective pals at the end. woulda been better if they'd both gotten a little "souvenir" from each other, eh?

first person perspective of what it's like to be a kid's teddy bear -- if you hate people. best of the set. hysterical bear voice casting.