February 15, 2012

dam film fest block 18 "drama I: love and romance"

"office romance 2.0"
a copy machine puts the moves on an office secretary ... one page at a time.  but wouldn't you know it, that goddamn machine is a philanderer!  easily my favorite of this block.

"sign language"
UK street sign guys have a message for their pal who is about to move along.  funny and extremely well-timed for a humor style this wry.

"do over"
overblown story of a guy who wants to take a girlie out, but keeps messing up his intro at the front door.

"cold feet"
leaving a bride on an alter could have possible ramifications.

"baby, it's you"
mad scientist loses his head, but that doesn't keep him from pursuing his dream girl.

"the back tenent"
let's say a hottie comes to rent your back room while you're out playing guitar.  i'd say with a little creativity and bravado you might get more than your mortgage paid for you.

"workers leaving the factory"
in germany, love letters are apparently made of welded objects.

cross-type dressers converge.