February 15, 2012

dam film fest block 17 "drama H - dreams and desires"

"the man at the counter"
every person who walks into a coffee shop has a story.  the one of a sugar-stealing old man is particularly poignant.

"mind thinks heart knows"
a boyfriend can't take his girlfriend anymore and flees his apartment, only to return.  i think this movie may have a point ... i'm certain i don't know what it is.

"just out of reach"
a baby boomer looks back on a chick of his past.  just for the record: i get really really really really tired of experiencing the world through the eyes of baby boomers.

"the man who never cried"
now here is a good one ... a man has never cried -and has lost relationships over that very fact- so what would it take to put him over the edge?  winner.