October 24, 2005

Norway Is Your Pal Week Index

The nature of the Internet is such that Norway Is Your Pal Week at b1-66er's world (NIYPW) will become detritus, lost in the grains of time and making no sense to impertinent search engines. This index will help make sense of all-that-was years from now. All articles are listed in order from oldest-to-newest.

The birth of NIYPW
My hookie bobbing article, with "Mollaren's" response.
My open letter to reaction Mollaren and his retort.
The formal declaration of NIYPW.

This was a truly heady and momentus time. For those of us close to the events, it's difficult even now to look back without some form of open weeping and a gnashing of teeth.

The fulcrum of NIYPW was a trivia post and a haiku a day.

Norsk Haiku (Norwegian Haiku)
Haiku I
Haiku II
Haiku III
Haiku IV
Haiku V
Haiku VI
Haiku VII

Norsk Trivia of the Moment (Norwegian Trivia)
Trivia I
Trivia II
Trivia III
Trivia IV (embedded)
Trivia V
Trivia VI
Trivia VII

As would you guess from a time of such excess, NIYPW also brought on other, celebratory, articles:
My introduction to Norway and the ideology of four meals a day.
A plea for cultural fluency (and a response from a sex-pot).
The (controversial) memo to King Harald (aka Kingston Afflict).
The closing haiku in English
-- with a scorchingly beautiful Norwegian response

Historical note: NIYPW ran from Tirsdag, 18 Oktober, 2005 to Mandag, 24 Oktober, 2005. The uneducated majority opinion today seems to be that the cessation of NIYPW was directly responsible for the Reisning Finnmärscker, and the implication that if Norway was no longer a pal, it was suddenly (and very ridiculously) considered an enemy. While it's true that b1-66er's world considers itself to be the western-most sovereign territory of Finnmärck (and as an outlying province we are all too aware of always, always being in harm's way), we have never been officially recognized by the crown (and, for damn sure, we're not paying taxes until we are).

Because of our geo-political relationship to Finnmärck, we simply cannot, and should not, be held responsilble for irruption of its broders; nor the resulting (and ongoing) Norge/Soviet/Finnmä hostilities. Historians need to consider the significance of (what the yellow press often refer to as the) Gender Casserolics, the brief, turmultuous (and ultimately failed) time of androgeny and omnisexuality arising from the revolt at Shädy Äcres. Never forget, if the Vikings had decided to hold the entire North American continent (which they easily could have done), instead of returning to the hot springs in Iceland, your writing of these events would look very, very different.