February 15, 2014

Re: dam short film festival 10 -- horror: the monster inside

can a career counselor talk himself out of being tortured by a pro?  how 'bout two of 'em?

"welcome back to the party"
"this party is dead" can have multiple, and changing, meanings.

let me ask you this.  if YOU heard pets have been disappearing in local sewers, would YOU go down there?

best friend fakes an attack on skype.  where's that disconnection when you REALLY need it?

"maid of horror"
remember this: NEVER let your maid of honor plan your wedding.  and, for sure, don't give her your cell phone.

"edward the damned"
21st century version of "basket case."  BEYOND AWESOME!

a splinter when you're having sex could have deep implications.