February 13, 2014

drama A: surreal stories

if you wake up at might, and there's a giant bubble, it's probably a bad idea to investigate (cool bubble, though).

"no reprises" (E: don't breathe)
if you hold your breath waiting for a mermaid, you shouldn't overdo it.

"manfred and the waiting room"
don't let your pet eat your medicine.

"know remorse"
double death!  elevator that's actually a door!  investigator is also the elevator repairman!  with an extra zipper on his jumpsuit!

what if your local walmart could sell you bad andes music, that when you listened to it, would show people's inner most desire?

"the secret keeper"
GREAT flick about a woman who is a prostitute for secret storage.  superb acting!  my favorite of the block.